Play date with Aubrey and Landon

On Sunday, October 21st we went to Aubrey and Landon’s house for a fun play date.  The kids decorated pumpkins with stickers while the Mommy’s talked. :)

Here are Emma and Aubrey after decorating their pumpkins.  These girls have been friends since birth.

IMG 9770

IMG 9774


Foster with his pumpkin…

IMG 9776


I was trying to get a picture of the girls’ missing teeth- they both lost their first tooth within 1 week of each other- the same lower right bottom tooth!

IMG 9787


Silly girls…

IMG 9791


While I was there and had my good camera with me I took some pictures of Jamey and her kids.  These were my favorites.

IMG 9876  1IMG 9948  1

IMG 9955  1

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