Maternity Pics with my kiddos

So, I’ve never been big on taking pictures of myself while pregnant.  I’m not one of those that just develops a little “basketball” on my belly.  No no no, I gain baby weight ALL over.  This 3rd pregnancy has been the worst by far!  I started “showing” around like week 5, no joke.  I had to pull out the maternity clothes at week 6. I think I hit the “miserable point”- the point at which I break into a sweat walking from the kitchen to the bedroom- at around week 20, only halfway through the pregnancy.  Please don’t get my wrong, I feel SO BLESSED and SO GRATEFUL to be pregnant with my 3rd miracle.  There is no other way to describe pregnancy than a miracle.  However, I must say that I definitely feel older this time around… and more out of shape!!!

With all of that said, I still had a strong desire to take some pictures of me and my out-of-shape self with my two oldest before Cash arrives.  Even though I’ve been uncomfortable, miserable, etc., I want to be able to remember this time in my life!  The time right before we became a family of 5.  :)

So on Thanksgiving morning, I realized, hey, I am actually going to put on real clothes and makeup today, maybe we should take some pictures today!  So Robin obliged. :)  We took these pics in our backyard in the 70 degree Thanksgiving weather!

IMG 9490  2

IMG 9504  2


The kids throwing leaves at each other… and at their pregnant Mommy.

IMG 9546  2

IMG 9574  2

IMG 9598  1

IMG 9596  1



IMG 9669  2


This last picture cracks me up…. Foster has developed a “silly dance.”  He is doing his silly dance here… I love this pictures because it makes me realize that we will be adding another precious little silly boy to our family and Emma and I are really going to have to join forces and stick together! :)

IMG 9696  1


So I’m glad to have these pictures.  No, I’m not proud of my body, my swelling, etc.  But what I AM extremely proud of is these precious kiddos.  They are worth every pound gained, every achy bone, every discomfort.  I am so blessed to be their Mommy.

And… I’ll ask for prayers in advance as I try to get back to a somewhat normal body shape following Cash’s birth. :)

Thanksgiving 2012

I can’t believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone!   Thanksgiving seemed odd this year because it was in the mid-70′s!  I loved the weather, it just felt so strange!

We started Thanksgiving morning by taking some pictures  in our backyard… more on that in the next post but here is a family picture taken on Thanksgiving morning.

IMG 9598  1


After taking pictures and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade (which the kids LOVED!) we headed over to Nana’s house!  My Mom and Aunt Judy always fixed the best holiday meals.  I try to help when I can but it is so hard with little kids!

Here are Emma and Foster waiting patiently for lunch to begin!


IMG 9723


Foster and Daddy

IMG 9726  1


When did Emma get so big?? Check out all the food on her plate… she ate most of it!!!  She even tried Cranberry sauce for the first time this year!

IMG 9733


Here are: Dillon, Danny, Emma, and Foster eating dessert together after lunch

IMG 9735

IMG 9738


Thanksgiving night the whole family (minus mysef) went to “Lights On” at Utica square.  I had to work at the hospital for 4 hours so I didn’t get to go but it sounds like the kids had a great time!

IMG 9468  1

Emma’s Kindergarten Thanksgiving Performance

On the Monday before Thanksgiving Robin, Foster, and I got to go to Emma’s school to watch her class perform several songs for Thanksgiving!  This was the first time this year we’ve been in her classroom as a family and it was fun to get to see her interact with her classmates.  She seemed so confident and so at ease which made us so happy!  Sometimes she is pretty timid when performing but she sang every song and we were so proud of her!  After they sang their songs we got to eat together as a family.  I brought Chick-Fil-A (our favorite) and we had a great time having a little picnic in her classroom.

Here are: Zach, Emma, Layla, and Nina

IMG 0128  1


Emma and her good friend Layla

IMG 0119


IMG 0134

IMG 0140  1


Emma and her Chinese teacher (who Emma goes to every morning for 3 hours), Xue Laoshi or “Miss Emma!”  Emma adores her.

IMG 0142  1


Marissa, Emma, Ava, and Nina

IMG 0146


Do you think Emma loves her Daddy just a little bit? :)

IMG 0148  1


I took this picture to show the little library station that the kids set up in the classroom.  Emma talks about it every day.  They created the library, set up the policies and procedures for the library, and role-play in it every day.  Here you can see her playing in it with a few of her friends.

IMG 0151


Here is a video of Emma and classmates singing a song about “November.”  We were so happy to see her smiling, singing, and doing the motions!



Foster’s 3rd Birthday Party

IMG 9997  1


After an early-morning trip to Build-A-Bear we ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then came home to take naps.  Foster was SO tired on his Birthday- I think he had been looking forward to it for so many days that he wore himself out before it even got there!

Foster really wanted to have a “Cars” themed party and I was happy to oblige.  Cars are his world right now and he especially loves Lightning McQueen.  Here is a Foster checking out his Birthday cake that he picked out.

IMG 9985  1

IMG 0003

IMG 0006

IMG 0011


Foster and his best friend and big sister Emma

IMG 0028  1


Foster loved opening all of his gifts this year.  Emma helped him open most of them… sometimes she helped a little bit too much so we had to referee a bit.

He was very excited about this Cars reusable sticker book that Nana got for him- he LOVES sticker books.

IMG 0048  1


These awesome Nike shoes were from Judy, Ron, and Christi.  He was able to put them on and off all by himself (which makes Mommy very happy!)  He looks like such a big boy in these Nikes.

IMG 0059


After he tried them on he took off running to show us how fast he could run with his new tennis shoes!

IMG 0060


He was very excited about this Percy flashlight that Emma picked out for him.

IMG 0069  1


Pops and Gigi weren’t able to be here for the party but they mailed Foster a gift and as usual Pops drew some pictures of cars, tractors, and trucks on the package.  He sure knows the way to Foster’s heart. :)  Pops and Gigi got him the most adorable cowboy boots, hat, and bow tie.  He wouldn’t try them on for a picture at the party. :(

IMG 0070


Next, Foster got some Cars rain boots… obviously SHOES were a big gift theme for the night and he loved all of them!!!

IMG 0090  1


Nana got him a twilight turtle, much like Emma’s twilight ladybug so now he doesn’t have to steal hers!!!  He loves sleeping with this every night.

IMG 0098


I am including this picture to show that we had the OU game on in the background at Foster’s party… I didn’t figure he would mind!!!

IMG 0099


Birthday cake time!  He blew out all of the candles at once on cue!

IMG 0109

Foster, we love you more than words.  You bring so much light to our family.  I can’t believe how fast these 3 years have gone… Mommy can’t wait to watch you grow into your dynamic personality!


Our sweet Foster turned 3 on Saturday, November 17th.  We decided to have a family day all day to celebrate our big boy!  We started the day by surprising the kids with a trip to Build-a-Bear and they were both so excited!

While walking into the mall to go to Build-A-Bear the kids spotted the Carousel and decided they needed to ride that first!  Here is Foster waiting with his ticket in hand.

IMG 9849

IMG 9852


Of all of the beautiful horses on the Carousel my kids always want to sit on the little carriage together… I think it’s because they are each other’s security blankets and they know this is the only way they can be right by each other.

IMG 9854  1

IMG 9860  1


Emma and Foster at Build-A-Bear

IMG 9877


The kids chose their animals pretty quickly… Foster picked a brown horse and Emma picked a chocolate labrador puppy.  Robin and I think it’s funny that the store is called “Build-A-BEAR” yet kids rarely pick out a bear to make!

IMG 9891


Since Emma has been to Build-A-Bear a couple of times we let her go first to kind of “show Foster the ropes!”  Here is Emma stuffing her dog by pressing on the pedal.

IMG 9899



IMG 9902


Foster’s turn was next… you can tell that he wasn’t quite sure about pressing on the pedal.  Sometimes he gets really shy!

IMG 9907

IMG 9909


He was laying his head on my shoulder the whole time he pressed the pedal to stuff his horse. :)

IMG 9917  1

IMG 9918  1


Here he is checking to see if his horse was stuffed enough!

IMG 9920  1


Next the worker had them pick a heart to put in their animal.  She had them rub it on their heads, rub it on their cheeks, kiss it… etc.

IMG 9933

IMG 9938  1


After stuffing the animals the worker sewed them up and then it was time to give them a bath.  Here, Foster is putting his horse on the grooming table.  He wanted me to do most of the grooming.

IMG 9951  1


After selecting a few accessories and clothing items it was time to name the animals and make their birth certificates.  Here are Foster and Daddy making the horse’s birth certificate on the computer.

IMG 9956


ALL DONE!  The animals are safe in their “condos”… ready to go home!

IMG 9964  1


Foster was exhausted by the end of the trip… I guess making an animal is hard work!  So many decisions!

IMG 9967


And here are the two new additions to our family once we got home.

Emma named her puppy “Cherry.”  She was dead-set on this name- not sure where it came from!  The dog has pink fringe boots on, just like her pink fringe boots!

Foster wanted to name his horse “Cow.”  While Robin and I thought this was hilarious, we talked Foster into naming him something else…. He decided on “Lightning” because the horse has on “Lightning McQueen” race car house slippers!

IMG 0026

Decorating for Christmas

Due to the fact that the entire months of November and December are jam packed with events for our family (ie.: Jill’s Birthday, Foster’s Birthday, Emma’s Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas… oh yeah, and having a new baby!) I begged Robin to let us decorate our house for Christmas on my Birthday.

So, we veered from our normal “after Thanksgiving decorating” this year and decorated on my Birthday, Nov. 8th!

The kids had an absolute blast helping us decorate the tree.  Foster’s reaction was the most fun to watch- it was magical.  As he pointed at the tree, he would scream, ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS, LOOK MOMMY, LOOK DADDY, IT”S CHRISTMAS!”  Every morning when he wakes up he runs to the living room to see the Christmas tree and yells, “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!”

IMG 9789  1


This post is heavy on pictures of Foster… he was just so fun to watch!

IMG 9747  1

IMG 9751  1

IMG 9759  1

IMG 9777  1

IMG 9781  1


IMG 9798  1

IMG 9799  1

IMG 9820  1

IMG 9821


Our tree decorating session ended with both kids very slap-happy and ready for bed.   Here, Foster is putting his foot in his mouth while big sister cuddles with him.  It definitely is the MOST wonderful time of the year!!!

IMG 9835  1

Voting Day!

Voting Day 2012 was an exciting day around our house- Emma was VERY excited about the election and so was her Daddy.  The kids were supposed to wear red, white, and blue in support of Voting Day and they had several lessons about the election…  how it works, etc.

Emma’s teacher suggested that the kids go with their parents to vote if at all possible.  Emma went with Robin before school and Robin said she loved every second of it. Luckily, they didn’t have a very long wait!

IMG 9739  1


You can also see in this close-up pic of Emma that she got a yucky “owie” on her face… she was dancing in her room and fell and hit her wicker toy box. :(  Luckily, it healed pretty quickly.

Emma wanted to stay up late so badly to watch the results but we knew it might be super late so she had to go to bed without knowing who won.  It’s probably apparent but the t-shirt that Robin is wearing here who we were all hoping would win.  Emma was pretty disappointed the next morning. :(

IMG 9735  1


I thought I’d also include this picture of my belly where I put my “I Voted” sticker to show that Cash went with me to vote for his very first election too. :)


IMG 2516

50th Day of Kindergarten

This year Emma’s Kindergaren class celebrated the 50th day of school by dressing in “50′s Attire!”  Luckily I remembered that her dance costume from May was a poodle skirt… a very GLITTERY poodle skirt!  I bought these little cat eye glasses at Target and knew they would make the outfit.

As soon as Emma put on the glasses she started posing.

IMG 2469


We met Aubrey and her Mom at IHOP that morning for breakfast… check out the posing!

IMG 2474

IMG 2476


Here is Emma waiting in the car for me to drop she and Aubrey off in the drop-off lane.  She was so excited to get to walk in with Aubrey.  They walked into the building holding hands… and I may have shed a tear or two!

IMG 2478

Random iPhone Pictures

Here are some random pictures taken with my iphone over the past couple of months.

I love this picture of Foster… he rarely falls asleep anywhere other than his own bed but he was clearly very tired this afternoon!

IMG 2162


We had a very fun neighborhood block party at the end of September.  We met a lot of neighbors that we hadn’t met yet!  Here are the kids being silly with their balloon shapes.

IMG 2231


Just a cute picture of my sweet Kindergartener:

IMG 2232


I got to go read to Emma’s class one Thursday in October.  She was so excited to have me there!  I enjoyed every second of being in her classroom.  I read 4 books: “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” “Christina Katerina, and the Box”, “Emma Kate,” and “Raindrop Plop.”

IMG 2292

IMG 2311

IMG 2360

IMG 2405

IMG 2460



Halloween Night!

After a busy week full of activities it was finally time for Halloween!  We always love going to our church’s “Noah’s Ark” celebration.

This year Emma was a Chinese Kimono Girl and Foster was a Race Car Driver.  :)

IMG 9458

IMG 9461

IMG 9467

IMG 9475


Being silly in the front yard before we left:

IMG 9495

IMG 9502  1

IMG 9534

IMG 9536

IMG 9546


I love this series of pictures with Aunt Judy… every year we take a picture of the kids with Judy on Halloween- it has become a tradition.  :)

IMG 9552  1

IMG 9553  1

IMG 9559  1

IMG 9563  1


Slightly blurry family picture: and yes, Emma already looks tired!!!

IMG 9574  1


Aubrey and Emma, bff’s since birth:  Aubrey was a dolphin trainer!

IMG 9580


Emma, Aubrey, and Mackenzie- we have pictures of the 3 of them at Noah’s Ark when they were around 10 and 11 months old.  They are growing up way too fast!!!

IMG 9587


Blurry pick of Nana and Foster:

IMG 9593


Playing some golf:

IMG 9611


Riding a giraffe:

IMG 9658

IMG 9678


Emma playing basketball:

IMG 9697


Foster playing basketball:

IMG 9704

Halloween was a success but Mommy was thankful when it was OVER!  I was so exhausted after getting the kids ready and chasing them around at the church!