50th Day of Kindergarten

This year Emma’s Kindergaren class celebrated the 50th day of school by dressing in “50′s Attire!”  Luckily I remembered that her dance costume from May was a poodle skirt… a very GLITTERY poodle skirt!  I bought these little cat eye glasses at Target and knew they would make the outfit.

As soon as Emma put on the glasses she started posing.

IMG 2469


We met Aubrey and her Mom at IHOP that morning for breakfast… check out the posing!

IMG 2474

IMG 2476


Here is Emma waiting in the car for me to drop she and Aubrey off in the drop-off lane.  She was so excited to get to walk in with Aubrey.  They walked into the building holding hands… and I may have shed a tear or two!

IMG 2478

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