“Bring a Friend Night” to Musical Theater Class!

One of Emma’s sweet new friends from our neighborhood, Jaycee, invited Emma to go with her to her Musical Theater class on the Monday night before Halloween.  They were supposed to dress up in the costume of their choice and Emma chose to be Cinderella.

Jaycee’s Mom picked Emma up at our house and I took a few pictures of Emma in the yard before she got here.

IMG 0072  1

IMG 0073  1

IMG 0075  1

IMG 0081  1

IMG 0082  1


Jaycee’s Mom said that Emma got very into the class and danced and sang her little heart out!  You never know with Emma but I’m so glad she had a great time!  Here is a picture of Emma and Jaycee that her Mom sent to me. :)

IMG 0013

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