Our sweet Foster turned 3 on Saturday, November 17th.  We decided to have a family day all day to celebrate our big boy!  We started the day by surprising the kids with a trip to Build-a-Bear and they were both so excited!

While walking into the mall to go to Build-A-Bear the kids spotted the Carousel and decided they needed to ride that first!  Here is Foster waiting with his ticket in hand.

IMG 9849

IMG 9852


Of all of the beautiful horses on the Carousel my kids always want to sit on the little carriage together… I think it’s because they are each other’s security blankets and they know this is the only way they can be right by each other.

IMG 9854  1

IMG 9860  1


Emma and Foster at Build-A-Bear

IMG 9877


The kids chose their animals pretty quickly… Foster picked a brown horse and Emma picked a chocolate labrador puppy.  Robin and I think it’s funny that the store is called “Build-A-BEAR” yet kids rarely pick out a bear to make!

IMG 9891


Since Emma has been to Build-A-Bear a couple of times we let her go first to kind of “show Foster the ropes!”  Here is Emma stuffing her dog by pressing on the pedal.

IMG 9899



IMG 9902


Foster’s turn was next… you can tell that he wasn’t quite sure about pressing on the pedal.  Sometimes he gets really shy!

IMG 9907

IMG 9909


He was laying his head on my shoulder the whole time he pressed the pedal to stuff his horse. :)

IMG 9917  1

IMG 9918  1


Here he is checking to see if his horse was stuffed enough!

IMG 9920  1


Next the worker had them pick a heart to put in their animal.  She had them rub it on their heads, rub it on their cheeks, kiss it… etc.

IMG 9933

IMG 9938  1


After stuffing the animals the worker sewed them up and then it was time to give them a bath.  Here, Foster is putting his horse on the grooming table.  He wanted me to do most of the grooming.

IMG 9951  1


After selecting a few accessories and clothing items it was time to name the animals and make their birth certificates.  Here are Foster and Daddy making the horse’s birth certificate on the computer.

IMG 9956


ALL DONE!  The animals are safe in their “condos”… ready to go home!

IMG 9964  1


Foster was exhausted by the end of the trip… I guess making an animal is hard work!  So many decisions!

IMG 9967


And here are the two new additions to our family once we got home.

Emma named her puppy “Cherry.”  She was dead-set on this name- not sure where it came from!  The dog has pink fringe boots on, just like her pink fringe boots!

Foster wanted to name his horse “Cow.”  While Robin and I thought this was hilarious, we talked Foster into naming him something else…. He decided on “Lightning” because the horse has on “Lightning McQueen” race car house slippers!

IMG 0026

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