Decorating for Christmas

Due to the fact that the entire months of November and December are jam packed with events for our family (ie.: Jill’s Birthday, Foster’s Birthday, Emma’s Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas… oh yeah, and having a new baby!) I begged Robin to let us decorate our house for Christmas on my Birthday.

So, we veered from our normal “after Thanksgiving decorating” this year and decorated on my Birthday, Nov. 8th!

The kids had an absolute blast helping us decorate the tree.  Foster’s reaction was the most fun to watch- it was magical.  As he pointed at the tree, he would scream, ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS, LOOK MOMMY, LOOK DADDY, IT”S CHRISTMAS!”  Every morning when he wakes up he runs to the living room to see the Christmas tree and yells, “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!”

IMG 9789  1


This post is heavy on pictures of Foster… he was just so fun to watch!

IMG 9747  1

IMG 9751  1

IMG 9759  1

IMG 9777  1

IMG 9781  1


IMG 9798  1

IMG 9799  1

IMG 9820  1

IMG 9821


Our tree decorating session ended with both kids very slap-happy and ready for bed.   Here, Foster is putting his foot in his mouth while big sister cuddles with him.  It definitely is the MOST wonderful time of the year!!!

IMG 9835  1

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