Emma’s Kindergarten Thanksgiving Performance

On the Monday before Thanksgiving Robin, Foster, and I got to go to Emma’s school to watch her class perform several songs for Thanksgiving!  This was the first time this year we’ve been in her classroom as a family and it was fun to get to see her interact with her classmates.  She seemed so confident and so at ease which made us so happy!  Sometimes she is pretty timid when performing but she sang every song and we were so proud of her!  After they sang their songs we got to eat together as a family.  I brought Chick-Fil-A (our favorite) and we had a great time having a little picnic in her classroom.

Here are: Zach, Emma, Layla, and Nina

IMG 0128  1


Emma and her good friend Layla

IMG 0119


IMG 0134

IMG 0140  1


Emma and her Chinese teacher (who Emma goes to every morning for 3 hours), Xue Laoshi or “Miss Emma!”  Emma adores her.

IMG 0142  1


Marissa, Emma, Ava, and Nina

IMG 0146


Do you think Emma loves her Daddy just a little bit? :)

IMG 0148  1


I took this picture to show the little library station that the kids set up in the classroom.  Emma talks about it every day.  They created the library, set up the policies and procedures for the library, and role-play in it every day.  Here you can see her playing in it with a few of her friends.

IMG 0151


Here is a video of Emma and classmates singing a song about “November.”  We were so happy to see her smiling, singing, and doing the motions!



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