Foster’s 3rd Birthday Party

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After an early-morning trip to Build-A-Bear we ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then came home to take naps.  Foster was SO tired on his Birthday- I think he had been looking forward to it for so many days that he wore himself out before it even got there!

Foster really wanted to have a “Cars” themed party and I was happy to oblige.  Cars are his world right now and he especially loves Lightning McQueen.  Here is a Foster checking out his Birthday cake that he picked out.

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Foster and his best friend and big sister Emma

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Foster loved opening all of his gifts this year.  Emma helped him open most of them… sometimes she helped a little bit too much so we had to referee a bit.

He was very excited about this Cars reusable sticker book that Nana got for him- he LOVES sticker books.

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These awesome Nike shoes were from Judy, Ron, and Christi.  He was able to put them on and off all by himself (which makes Mommy very happy!)  He looks like such a big boy in these Nikes.

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After he tried them on he took off running to show us how fast he could run with his new tennis shoes!

IMG 0060


He was very excited about this Percy flashlight that Emma picked out for him.

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Pops and Gigi weren’t able to be here for the party but they mailed Foster a gift and as usual Pops drew some pictures of cars, tractors, and trucks on the package.  He sure knows the way to Foster’s heart. :)  Pops and Gigi got him the most adorable cowboy boots, hat, and bow tie.  He wouldn’t try them on for a picture at the party. :(

IMG 0070


Next, Foster got some Cars rain boots… obviously SHOES were a big gift theme for the night and he loved all of them!!!

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Nana got him a twilight turtle, much like Emma’s twilight ladybug so now he doesn’t have to steal hers!!!  He loves sleeping with this every night.

IMG 0098


I am including this picture to show that we had the OU game on in the background at Foster’s party… I didn’t figure he would mind!!!

IMG 0099


Birthday cake time!  He blew out all of the candles at once on cue!

IMG 0109

Foster, we love you more than words.  You bring so much light to our family.  I can’t believe how fast these 3 years have gone… Mommy can’t wait to watch you grow into your dynamic personality!

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