Halloween Night!

After a busy week full of activities it was finally time for Halloween!  We always love going to our church’s “Noah’s Ark” celebration.

This year Emma was a Chinese Kimono Girl and Foster was a Race Car Driver.  :)

IMG 9458

IMG 9461

IMG 9467

IMG 9475


Being silly in the front yard before we left:

IMG 9495

IMG 9502  1

IMG 9534

IMG 9536

IMG 9546


I love this series of pictures with Aunt Judy… every year we take a picture of the kids with Judy on Halloween- it has become a tradition.  :)

IMG 9552  1

IMG 9553  1

IMG 9559  1

IMG 9563  1


Slightly blurry family picture: and yes, Emma already looks tired!!!

IMG 9574  1


Aubrey and Emma, bff’s since birth:  Aubrey was a dolphin trainer!

IMG 9580


Emma, Aubrey, and Mackenzie- we have pictures of the 3 of them at Noah’s Ark when they were around 10 and 11 months old.  They are growing up way too fast!!!

IMG 9587


Blurry pick of Nana and Foster:

IMG 9593


Playing some golf:

IMG 9611


Riding a giraffe:

IMG 9658

IMG 9678


Emma playing basketball:

IMG 9697


Foster playing basketball:

IMG 9704

Halloween was a success but Mommy was thankful when it was OVER!  I was so exhausted after getting the kids ready and chasing them around at the church!

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