Halloween Party #1: Karter’s House!

This was our 3rd year to get to go to Karter’s Halloween party and we had a great time!  Karter’s Mom, Amber, always does a fantastic job of planning games, crafts, and yummy treats for the kids.

Here is Emma before the party.  This year she was a Kimono Chinese Princess.  Since she is in a Chinese Immersion program at her school (More on that in a future post) we thought this would be a cool thing for her to pretend to be. :)


IMG 0002  1

IMG 9999


Karter and Emma:
IMG 0007


The entire crew- there were lots of cute costumes!

IMG 0010


Fishing for pumpkins- she looks so serious!

IMG 0021

IMG 0025

IMG 0028  1


Tossing balls into pumpkin tubs

IMG 0033  1


Karter and Emma doing a craft together

IMG 0048

Thanks Amber and Karter for another fun Halloween party!

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