Maternity Pics with my kiddos

So, I’ve never been big on taking pictures of myself while pregnant.  I’m not one of those that just develops a little “basketball” on my belly.  No no no, I gain baby weight ALL over.  This 3rd pregnancy has been the worst by far!  I started “showing” around like week 5, no joke.  I had to pull out the maternity clothes at week 6. I think I hit the “miserable point”- the point at which I break into a sweat walking from the kitchen to the bedroom- at around week 20, only halfway through the pregnancy.  Please don’t get my wrong, I feel SO BLESSED and SO GRATEFUL to be pregnant with my 3rd miracle.  There is no other way to describe pregnancy than a miracle.  However, I must say that I definitely feel older this time around… and more out of shape!!!

With all of that said, I still had a strong desire to take some pictures of me and my out-of-shape self with my two oldest before Cash arrives.  Even though I’ve been uncomfortable, miserable, etc., I want to be able to remember this time in my life!  The time right before we became a family of 5.  :)

So on Thanksgiving morning, I realized, hey, I am actually going to put on real clothes and makeup today, maybe we should take some pictures today!  So Robin obliged. :)  We took these pics in our backyard in the 70 degree Thanksgiving weather!

IMG 9490  2

IMG 9504  2


The kids throwing leaves at each other… and at their pregnant Mommy.

IMG 9546  2

IMG 9574  2

IMG 9598  1

IMG 9596  1



IMG 9669  2


This last picture cracks me up…. Foster has developed a “silly dance.”  He is doing his silly dance here… I love this pictures because it makes me realize that we will be adding another precious little silly boy to our family and Emma and I are really going to have to join forces and stick together! :)

IMG 9696  1


So I’m glad to have these pictures.  No, I’m not proud of my body, my swelling, etc.  But what I AM extremely proud of is these precious kiddos.  They are worth every pound gained, every achy bone, every discomfort.  I am so blessed to be their Mommy.

And… I’ll ask for prayers in advance as I try to get back to a somewhat normal body shape following Cash’s birth. :)

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