Chick-Fil-A Prince and Princess Night

On the Tuesday before Halloween our local Chick-Fil-A hosted a “Prince and Princess Night” complete with carriage rides, a visit from Cinderella, crafts, cotton candy, and castle to play in!  We love our Chick-Fil-A. :)

Emma decided to dress up as “Belle” and I made Foster a crown and sword out of aluminum foil!  Hey, it got him a free kids’ meal. :)

IMG 9435


IMG 9440

IMG 9442


IMG 2461


Very pregnant Mommy enjoying a carriage ride with Emma and Foster:

IMG 2462



“Bring a Friend Night” to Musical Theater Class!

One of Emma’s sweet new friends from our neighborhood, Jaycee, invited Emma to go with her to her Musical Theater class on the Monday night before Halloween.  They were supposed to dress up in the costume of their choice and Emma chose to be Cinderella.

Jaycee’s Mom picked Emma up at our house and I took a few pictures of Emma in the yard before she got here.

IMG 0072  1

IMG 0073  1

IMG 0075  1

IMG 0081  1

IMG 0082  1


Jaycee’s Mom said that Emma got very into the class and danced and sang her little heart out!  You never know with Emma but I’m so glad she had a great time!  Here is a picture of Emma and Jaycee that her Mom sent to me. :)

IMG 0013

Halloween Party #1: Karter’s House!

This was our 3rd year to get to go to Karter’s Halloween party and we had a great time!  Karter’s Mom, Amber, always does a fantastic job of planning games, crafts, and yummy treats for the kids.

Here is Emma before the party.  This year she was a Kimono Chinese Princess.  Since she is in a Chinese Immersion program at her school (More on that in a future post) we thought this would be a cool thing for her to pretend to be. :)


IMG 0002  1

IMG 9999


Karter and Emma:
IMG 0007


The entire crew- there were lots of cute costumes!

IMG 0010


Fishing for pumpkins- she looks so serious!

IMG 0021

IMG 0025

IMG 0028  1


Tossing balls into pumpkin tubs

IMG 0033  1


Karter and Emma doing a craft together

IMG 0048

Thanks Amber and Karter for another fun Halloween party!