Random iPhone Pictures

Here are some random pictures taken with my iphone over the past couple of months.

I love this picture of Foster… he rarely falls asleep anywhere other than his own bed but he was clearly very tired this afternoon!

IMG 2162


We had a very fun neighborhood block party at the end of September.  We met a lot of neighbors that we hadn’t met yet!  Here are the kids being silly with their balloon shapes.

IMG 2231


Just a cute picture of my sweet Kindergartener:

IMG 2232


I got to go read to Emma’s class one Thursday in October.  She was so excited to have me there!  I enjoyed every second of being in her classroom.  I read 4 books: “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” “Christina Katerina, and the Box”, “Emma Kate,” and “Raindrop Plop.”

IMG 2292

IMG 2311

IMG 2360

IMG 2405

IMG 2460



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