Voting Day!

Voting Day 2012 was an exciting day around our house- Emma was VERY excited about the election and so was her Daddy.  The kids were supposed to wear red, white, and blue in support of Voting Day and they had several lessons about the election…  how it works, etc.

Emma’s teacher suggested that the kids go with their parents to vote if at all possible.  Emma went with Robin before school and Robin said she loved every second of it. Luckily, they didn’t have a very long wait!

IMG 9739  1


You can also see in this close-up pic of Emma that she got a yucky “owie” on her face… she was dancing in her room and fell and hit her wicker toy box. :(  Luckily, it healed pretty quickly.

Emma wanted to stay up late so badly to watch the results but we knew it might be super late so she had to go to bed without knowing who won.  It’s probably apparent but the t-shirt that Robin is wearing here who we were all hoping would win.  Emma was pretty disappointed the next morning. :(

IMG 9735  1


I thought I’d also include this picture of my belly where I put my “I Voted” sticker to show that Cash went with me to vote for his very first election too. :)


IMG 2516

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