Christmas Day

The kids woke up at about 8:00 on Christmas morning which was kind of a pleasant surprise!  Usually they wake up around 7:30. :)  When they ran out into the living room, this is what they found! Santa had filled their stockings and left each of them one big gift!  Emma got an American Girl doll, and Foster get a red Radio Flyer scooter just like Emma’s pink one!

IMG 2348

IMG 2351  1


Here is the letter that Santa left for them… they were also happy to see that Santa ate their cookies and drank the milk!

IMG 2354


Emma’s silly face as she took gifts out of her stocking…

IMG 2359  1


IMG 2360  1


Meet “Kit,” Emma’s new American Girl doll… we think Emma and Kit look a lot alike!  Emma also got an American Girl hairbrush, a hospital gown for her, and a pajama set!  Then at Nana’s house she got an adorable sweater and leggings outfit for Kit from Aunt Judy. :)

IMG 2377  1


Here is Foster standing on his new scooter and checking out his new Camelback water bottle!

IMG 2382  1


And here is baby Cash on his first Christmas morning!

IMG 2388


The biggest surprise of the morning came when Pops and Gigi ran out into the living room and surprised the kids!  Due to the predicted snow and ice that was going to happen in Oklahoma on Christmas day, Pops and Gigi decided to drive all night to get to Tulsa before the roads got bad.  Emma and Foster were SO excited to see them!  It was special that Pops and Gigi got to see our kids open their gifts on Christmas morning.

IMG 2393  1


Introducing Gigi to Kit

IMG 2395  1


Emma and Foster opening the rest of their gifts from Mommy and Daddy

IMG 2403


Emma and Foster got each other gifts too… Daddy took each of them to the store separately on Christmas Eve to pick out gifts.  Ironically, they both got each other craft-related gifts!  They really “know each other” and love each other!

IMG 2405  1

IMG 2407


After we opened gifts and let them play with them for a little while, we all got dressed and headed over to Nana’s house to celebrate with the Foster side of our family.  Here is Emma right after we arrived to Nana’s house.

IMG 1168


Nana feeding Cash a bottle

IMG 2409


Stocking time!  These are the original stockings that my Great-Aunt Auntie made for our family many years ago.  We need to put our kids’ names on them more permanently. :)

IMG 2410


Foster opening his motorized Thomas Train from Nana

IMG 2419


Cash checking out the adorable Peek-A-Boo bear from Ron, Christi, and Judy

IMG 2422


Sneaking in some Mommy-Cash cuddle time…. he turned 2 weeks old on Christmas Day!

IMG 2426

IMG 2429


Judy and Ron gazing at Cash… Judy and Ron are my Dad’s brother and sister.  I SO wish that my Dad could have known my kids, but I am also SO thankful that Judy and Ron are such a big part of my kids’ lives- I really don’t know what we’d do without them!
IMG 2444


This was Uncle Ron’s first time to hold Cash!

IMG 2447

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a quiet, fun time for our family.  My Mom and Judy came over around 5:30 in the evening and stayed until about 9:00 that night.  My good friend, Jamey, stopped by for a while too.  My kids always LOVE to hang out with Jamey.

Aunt Judy brought Enchillada dinners from Ted’s and it was absolutely yummy.

Here is a pic of all 3 kiddos on Christmas Eve

IMG 2297  1


Nana cuddling with baby Cash

IMG 2299  1


Daddy holding Cash

IMG 2306


Here is Cash smiling about something!

IMG 2308


Showing off his beautiful eyes… right now they are a dark grey/blue color

IMG 2312

IMG 2314


After we ate dinner we played some Christmas games in the living room.  Judy had bought a Christmas trivia game and we quickly learned that the questions were pretty hard!  Nana also read a story to the kids relating different brands of candy to the Christmas story.  She did this last year too and the kids loved it.

After games we had dessert- traditional Braum’s peppermint ice cream.  Yummy!

After Judy and Nana went home it was time for the kids to leave cookies and milk for Santa and write their annual letter to him.  This year Emma wanted to write hers all by herself and we were happy to let her!  She decided what she wanted to say and spelled everything out herself!

Foster pretended to write his own letter too. :)

IMG 2317

IMG 2318

IMG 2320

IMG 2322


I love the monster trucks on the table… they are never far from his sight!!

IMG 2326

IMG 2328


Posing on the firepace with Santa’s milk and cookies.  Foster is quite a ham these days!

IMG 2332

IMG 2336

IMG 2340


All ready for bed… we have a tradition of letting the kids sleep on the floor in our room on Christmas Eve night.  They look forward to this all year long!  It took a while for them to wind down but soon enough they were both snoring away.

IMG 2343

Sunday before Christmas

We decided to be brave and go to church on the Sunday before Christmas  This was our first big outing with Cash and his first time to church… he was only 12 days old!  Emma and Cash went to the church service with us, and Foster went to his class in childcare.   Cash did a great job during the service- he slept most of the time in his carseat.

IMG 1162

IMG 2240


Towards the end of the service Cash started to get a little squirmy so we got him out to hold him… Emma wanted to hold him first. :)

IMG 2244


Family pictures after the service

IMG 2251


IMG 2254  1



Sunday afternoon I took some pictures of Cash on our bed wearing his “My First Christmas” outfit.

IMG 2271

IMG 2273


IMG 2272


I am SO in love with this little boy.

IMG 2276


Making Cookies with Judy

One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is making (and eating) Christmas cookies with my Grandma.  She made the BEST cookies and we all remember eating dozens of them when we were at her house to celebrate Christmas.  Now that I have my own kids, I want to pass this tradition on to them, but the entire process is overwhelming to me!  Thankfully, Judy offered to take this task on this year!  She made my Grandma’s recipe for sugar cookie dough the night before and then brought the dough over on the Saturday before Christmas and let the kids help her through the entire process.  They LOVED it!

Here they are getting ready to start… getting the dough out of the bowl

IMG 2072  1

IMG 2073  1


Rolling out the dough… Judy started and then the kids each got a turn rolling the dough

IMG 2079  1

IMG 2082  1


Emma’s turn…

IMG 2083  1


She stood on her chair to get some extra leverage!

IMG 2085  1


Foster’s turn…

IMG 2088  1


Starting to cut out the cookies

IMG 2099  1

IMG 2104  1


IMG 2112  1


Daddy even got in on the cookie cutting action…

IMG 2118

IMG 2120  1


Cash was present for the cookie cutting… doesn’t he look thrilled!  He had just eaten. :)  Aunt Judy got him this adorable bib… it has special meaning because we called my Great Aunt (Judy’s Aunt), “Auntie.”

IMG 2126  1


While the cookies cooked and cooled we played with Cash

IMG 2129  1

IMG 2136


Decorating the cookies… at first we were worried that we didn’t have enough dough to make a bunch of cookies… the dough went a LOT farther than we anticipated! There were a LOT of cookies to decorate!

IMG 2229  1

IMG 2179


Emma took the cookie decorating very seriously… Foster just ATE cookies and became very slap-happy.

IMG 2206  1


One of Emma’s gingerbread men… she carefully thought out how she wanted to decorate each cookie.

IMG 2220  1


Some of the finished cookies!  We made 54 cookies in all… and we at them pretty quickly!  We saved a few to set out for Santa on Christmas Eve and had about a dozen left over to take to Nana’s on Christmas Day.

IMG 2227

Thank you so much Aunt Judy for this very fun memory!

Piano Man

We can already tell that Foster is going to be musically inclined… he has always loved music but lately he sings all the time and he is really on pitch!  He also loves to sit at the piano and pretend that he is playing a song.  It is really precious.  I’m excited for him to get to be in Children’s Choir at church next year!

Here are a few pictures of our piano man…

IMG 2066

IMG 2067

IMG 2068

IMG 2069



“Magnificent Baby”

While Nana took the big kids to Bass Pro Shop, Robin, Cash, and I got to hang out at home for a quiet morning… it was so nice!  We decided to take a few pictures of Cash in his nursery. He was 10 days old in these pictures.

The outfit Cash has on was given to me by my sweet friend, Terra, who has a monogramming business.  The brand of the outfit is “Magnificent Baby” and the outfit closes together by magnets (instead of snaps, buttons, or zippers.)  It’s the coolest thing ever!  Terra put his initials on the outfit which makes it even more special. :)  Thanks so much Terra, I love this outfit!!!

Here is Cash saying, “Really guys, more pictures????”

IMG 1945

IMG 1949

IMG 1959

IMG 1966  Version 2 14  2


IMG 1972



IMG 1980 27  3

IMG 2002 38  2

IMG 2019 46  1

IMG 2049

IMG 2061

IMG 2065  Version 2 70

Bass Pro with Nana

Friday December 21st Nana took Emma and Foster to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa and then to lunch.  This was Emma and Nana’s first day of Winter Break so it was fun to start it off with a bang!

Nana took a lot of pictures with her camera… looks like the kids had a great time!

IMG 1138

IMG 1139

IMG 1141

IMG 1142

IMG 1143

IMG 1144

IMG 1145

IMG 1146

IMG 1147

IMG 1149


IMG 1151

IMG 1152

IMG 1153

IMG 1154

IMG 1155

IMG 1156

IMG 1157

IMG 1158

IMG 1159


Unfortunately, I don’t have a digital image of the “Santa Picture” but will try to scan it in soon.  Nana said the kids did fairly well sitting on Santa’s lap.  I don’t either child talked to Santa but they also didn’t cry or run away so I consider that a “win!”

Thank you Nana for taking Emma and Foster on such a fun outing!

Emma’s Christmas Party at School

Emma’s school party was on Thursday, December 20th which was her last day of school before Winter Break.  I was able to leave Foster and Cash at home with Robin so I could slip away and be there for her party.

The kids didn’t perform or sing for the parents this time.  Instead, there were stations set up around the room and the kids rotated in “teams” from station to station.  I got to go with Emma and watch her make crafts, play games, etc.  We had a great time!

IMG 9493


Color game

IMG 9485

IMG 9486


Digging for reindeer food

IMG 9487

IMG 9488

IMG 9489

IMG 9491

IMG 9492


Making reindeer food

IMG 9495

IMG 9496


IMG 2347


Making a reindeer hat

IMG 9497

Emma’s Birthday

We had Emma’s friend Birthday party on December 1st because I knew that things were going to be crazy after Cash was born.  However, we still made time to celebrate her Birthday on the actual day with family.  Thankfully Nana offered for us to celebrate at her house.  It was a good chance for all of us to get out of the house and her house was much cleaner than ours. :)

Here are some of the gifts waiting for Emma…

IMG 1806


Before diving into Birthday festivities the kids got to open a Christmas/baby gift from our Cousin Carolyn who lives in Arizona.  She got the kids each Big Brother/Big Sister ornaments, an ornament for Cash, and some new pacis for Cash.  She is always so thoughtful…. we love our Carolyn.

IMG 1814  1


Nana and the kids warming up by the fire

IMG 1818  1


The Birthday girl holding her baby brother

IMG 1825  1


Foster playing cars on one of Nana’s chairs

IMG 1832

IMG 1844  1


We ordered Rex’s chicken for dinner and it was yummy!

IMG 1846


Nana with 1 week old Cash

IMG 1857


My 2nd Cousin Sara holding Cash for the first time

IMG 1861


Sara’s daughter, Haley, holding Cash for the first time.  I still remember holding Haley when she was this little!

IMG 1934

Gift time!

IMG 1863


One of Emma’s gifts from us… a Chinese Barbie Doll… we thought this would be a cool gift since Emma is learning to speak Chinese at school.

IMG 1868


Lalaloopsy doll from Nana!

IMG 1882  1


Emma’s Birthday cake was an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins… she picked it out on-line.  Daddy talked her into getting oreos n creme ice cream… she originally said plain ‘ol vanilla and we just couldn’t have that!

IMG 1896

IMG 1905  1

IMG 1908

IMG 1913


In true Emma fashion, she blew out the candle mid-way through us singing “Happy Birthday,” she is a non-conformist!

IMG 1919  1

IMG 1924


After opening gifts the kids wanted to play with Emma’s new legos.  Sara was so sweet to help them!

IMG 1939

First Bath at Home

We gave Cash his first sponge bath at home on Sunday, December 16h.  His hair was starting to look pretty greasy!

I put him on some padded towels on the bathroom counter and the kids helped sponge him down.

IMG 1704


This picture cracks me up… we had been to Target earlier in the day and we let each of the big kids pick out one treat from the $1 bins and Emma chose this Misteltoe headband.  She loves it and wears it all the time!  So akward!

IMG 1747

IMG 1721


I saved his hair for last.  I wrapped up in a warm blanket out of the dryer and then washed his hair from the faucet.  He really seemed to like it!

IMG 1786

IMG 1782

IMG 1787


Spikey clean hair!

IMG 1798


Brushing his hair for a “comb-over”

IMG 1799


“Whew, that bath was exhausting!”  Night night.

IMG 1802