2nd Day Visitors

12/12/12… The day Cash was SUPPOSED to be born!  We had a great 2nd day in the hospital and enjoyed several visitors. Emma went to school on Wednesday but got to come to the hospital as soon as school was over. I was so excited to see her.  Emma’s teacher asked us to send a picture of Cash to her e-mail and she put it on the Smart Board at school for Emma to show off to her classmates.  That made Emma’s day. :)

Here is Emma holding Cash when she got to the hospital…

IMG 0889





IMG 0937  1


I love this next series of pictures.  Foster got really tickled while holding Cash and just started cracking up!  We’re not sure why!

IMG 1014

IMG 1017

IMG 1018

IMG 1020

IMG 1023


Mommy enjoying some Cash cuddles…

IMG 1052


Uncle Boom came to visit on Wednesday night… he thinks Cash looks like my Dad, Grandpa Charlie.

IMG 1059


More Emma time… she LOVES to hold Cash!  I know Cash’s hat is kind of silling looking here… these hats are donated by a sweet lady who makes them for the nursery and they are actually the best hats to warm babies up!  Since his temperature had been low that morning we tried to keep a warm hat on him.

IMG 1088

IMG 1093

IMG 1096

IMG 1117


One last turn for Foster before they went home to go to sleep.

IMG 1127


Nana came to visit after work.

IMG 1139

IMG 1163


Judy came to visit after work also… she said she had been looking at the clock all day waiting for the time she could come see Cash!

IMG 1168


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