Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a quiet, fun time for our family.  My Mom and Judy came over around 5:30 in the evening and stayed until about 9:00 that night.  My good friend, Jamey, stopped by for a while too.  My kids always LOVE to hang out with Jamey.

Aunt Judy brought Enchillada dinners from Ted’s and it was absolutely yummy.

Here is a pic of all 3 kiddos on Christmas Eve

IMG 2297  1


Nana cuddling with baby Cash

IMG 2299  1


Daddy holding Cash

IMG 2306


Here is Cash smiling about something!

IMG 2308


Showing off his beautiful eyes… right now they are a dark grey/blue color

IMG 2312

IMG 2314


After we ate dinner we played some Christmas games in the living room.  Judy had bought a Christmas trivia game and we quickly learned that the questions were pretty hard!  Nana also read a story to the kids relating different brands of candy to the Christmas story.  She did this last year too and the kids loved it.

After games we had dessert- traditional Braum’s peppermint ice cream.  Yummy!

After Judy and Nana went home it was time for the kids to leave cookies and milk for Santa and write their annual letter to him.  This year Emma wanted to write hers all by herself and we were happy to let her!  She decided what she wanted to say and spelled everything out herself!

Foster pretended to write his own letter too. :)

IMG 2317

IMG 2318

IMG 2320

IMG 2322


I love the monster trucks on the table… they are never far from his sight!!

IMG 2326

IMG 2328


Posing on the firepace with Santa’s milk and cookies.  Foster is quite a ham these days!

IMG 2332

IMG 2336

IMG 2340


All ready for bed… we have a tradition of letting the kids sleep on the floor in our room on Christmas Eve night.  They look forward to this all year long!  It took a while for them to wind down but soon enough they were both snoring away.

IMG 2343

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