Bass Pro with Nana

Friday December 21st Nana took Emma and Foster to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa and then to lunch.  This was Emma and Nana’s first day of Winter Break so it was fun to start it off with a bang!

Nana took a lot of pictures with her camera… looks like the kids had a great time!

IMG 1138

IMG 1139

IMG 1141

IMG 1142

IMG 1143

IMG 1144

IMG 1145

IMG 1146

IMG 1147

IMG 1149


IMG 1151

IMG 1152

IMG 1153

IMG 1154

IMG 1155

IMG 1156

IMG 1157

IMG 1158

IMG 1159


Unfortunately, I don’t have a digital image of the “Santa Picture” but will try to scan it in soon.  Nana said the kids did fairly well sitting on Santa’s lap.  I don’t either child talked to Santa but they also didn’t cry or run away so I consider that a “win!”

Thank you Nana for taking Emma and Foster on such a fun outing!

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