Children’s Christmas Choir Program

Tonight was Emma’s Children’s Christmas Choir Program.  This year I am helping out with the 3rd grade choir but my co-teachers were sweet and told me just to sit and enjoy Emma rather than helping out with the big kids, so I did.

Here are Emma and Foster before the program- Foster was distracted by people walking in to the the church!  Nana got Emma her sweet dress and black dress shoes.

IMG 0034  1

IMG 0038

IMG 0048


It was difficult to find seats by the time we got there… here is Emma’s “Fan club.”  We had to stand  up to be able to see her!

IMG 9477


Our amazing Pastor, Dr. Ted Kersh.

IMG 0056


The 3 year olds, 4 year olds, and 5 year olds all sang together… it was a pretty big group!

IMG 0063


We were very proud of Emma for singing every word!

IMG 0064


After her group sang their two sangs Emma came and sat on my lap (what is left of my lap!) to watch the remaining groups perform.

IMG 0071

IMG 0072


Ok, so THIS is our last picture as a family of 4!  :)

IMG 9482  1

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