Christmas Day

The kids woke up at about 8:00 on Christmas morning which was kind of a pleasant surprise!  Usually they wake up around 7:30. :)  When they ran out into the living room, this is what they found! Santa had filled their stockings and left each of them one big gift!  Emma got an American Girl doll, and Foster get a red Radio Flyer scooter just like Emma’s pink one!

IMG 2348

IMG 2351  1


Here is the letter that Santa left for them… they were also happy to see that Santa ate their cookies and drank the milk!

IMG 2354


Emma’s silly face as she took gifts out of her stocking…

IMG 2359  1


IMG 2360  1


Meet “Kit,” Emma’s new American Girl doll… we think Emma and Kit look a lot alike!  Emma also got an American Girl hairbrush, a hospital gown for her, and a pajama set!  Then at Nana’s house she got an adorable sweater and leggings outfit for Kit from Aunt Judy. :)

IMG 2377  1


Here is Foster standing on his new scooter and checking out his new Camelback water bottle!

IMG 2382  1


And here is baby Cash on his first Christmas morning!

IMG 2388


The biggest surprise of the morning came when Pops and Gigi ran out into the living room and surprised the kids!  Due to the predicted snow and ice that was going to happen in Oklahoma on Christmas day, Pops and Gigi decided to drive all night to get to Tulsa before the roads got bad.  Emma and Foster were SO excited to see them!  It was special that Pops and Gigi got to see our kids open their gifts on Christmas morning.

IMG 2393  1


Introducing Gigi to Kit

IMG 2395  1


Emma and Foster opening the rest of their gifts from Mommy and Daddy

IMG 2403


Emma and Foster got each other gifts too… Daddy took each of them to the store separately on Christmas Eve to pick out gifts.  Ironically, they both got each other craft-related gifts!  They really “know each other” and love each other!

IMG 2405  1

IMG 2407


After we opened gifts and let them play with them for a little while, we all got dressed and headed over to Nana’s house to celebrate with the Foster side of our family.  Here is Emma right after we arrived to Nana’s house.

IMG 1168


Nana feeding Cash a bottle

IMG 2409


Stocking time!  These are the original stockings that my Great-Aunt Auntie made for our family many years ago.  We need to put our kids’ names on them more permanently. :)

IMG 2410


Foster opening his motorized Thomas Train from Nana

IMG 2419


Cash checking out the adorable Peek-A-Boo bear from Ron, Christi, and Judy

IMG 2422


Sneaking in some Mommy-Cash cuddle time…. he turned 2 weeks old on Christmas Day!

IMG 2426

IMG 2429


Judy and Ron gazing at Cash… Judy and Ron are my Dad’s brother and sister.  I SO wish that my Dad could have known my kids, but I am also SO thankful that Judy and Ron are such a big part of my kids’ lives- I really don’t know what we’d do without them!
IMG 2444


This was Uncle Ron’s first time to hold Cash!

IMG 2447

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