Emma’s 6th Birthday Party

Emma turns 6 years old on December 18th but we decided to have her Friend Birthday party a little bit early this year since Cash is due on December 12th.  I was really praying that Cash would wait until after Emma’s Birthday party to arrive… and he did!  Yippee!  Emma’s party was on Saturday, December 1st at The Purple Glaze Pottery Studio.  She invited several friends from school, church, and our neighborhood.  It was good little group of girls and I think everyone had a good time… although I was exhausted when it was over!

IMG 9800


Emm and BFF Aubrey with their aprons on… all ready to paint!

IMG 9758  1

Foster waiting for the party to begin.  He loves to paint so we let him participate.  Nana was in charge of helping him during the party! :)

IMG 9741

IMG 9743


Here are some of the girls waiting for instructions after picking their ceramic pieces to paint.  Emma picked a tiny star box to hold a special piece of jewelry.

IMG 9761  1


One of the workers explaining to the girls how to paint the ceramic pieces that they chose!

IMG 9765


The girls listening to the instructions… they look kind of scared!

IMG 9767  1

Emma picking out her paint colors

IMG 9804


Aunt Judy was a HUGE help during the party!

IMG 9781


Foster painted a pretty horse, or “mustang.”

IMG 9783

IMG 9784


So focused!

IMG 9790  1


Apparently Foster decided to taste the paint briefly.  No big deal, Nana just wiped it off of his tongue with a paper towel!

IMG 9792


IMG 9816


After the girls finished their pottery they moved to another table for cake and ice cream.  We had a “Lalaloopsy” theme for the party.  I used to think the dolls were kind of weird and creepy but now they have really grown on me!

IMG 9798

Emma got really really shy when we sang Happy Birthday to her.  I really had to push her to blow out her candle!

IMG 9841


Gift time!

IMG 9848

IMG 9895


Emma got so many nice gifts!  It’s always funny to listen to the other girls’ comments with the Birthday girl opens her gifts. :)

IMG 9872


Here are the finished pottery pieces!

IMG 9887


Some of the girls posing for a picture at the end of the party

IMG 9900

IMG 9908


A few of the girls hung out for a little bit after the party to color some Lalaloopsy coloring sheets.  Emma LOVES to color!

IMG 9921

We had a great time celebrating Emma’s Birthday and now we have a few days to recover before Cash’s arrival and a few weeks to recover before Christmas!  We love you Sweet Emma!  We are thankful that God blessed you with sweet friends who love you as much as we do. :)

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