Emma’s Birthday

We had Emma’s friend Birthday party on December 1st because I knew that things were going to be crazy after Cash was born.  However, we still made time to celebrate her Birthday on the actual day with family.  Thankfully Nana offered for us to celebrate at her house.  It was a good chance for all of us to get out of the house and her house was much cleaner than ours. :)

Here are some of the gifts waiting for Emma…

IMG 1806


Before diving into Birthday festivities the kids got to open a Christmas/baby gift from our Cousin Carolyn who lives in Arizona.  She got the kids each Big Brother/Big Sister ornaments, an ornament for Cash, and some new pacis for Cash.  She is always so thoughtful…. we love our Carolyn.

IMG 1814  1


Nana and the kids warming up by the fire

IMG 1818  1


The Birthday girl holding her baby brother

IMG 1825  1


Foster playing cars on one of Nana’s chairs

IMG 1832

IMG 1844  1


We ordered Rex’s chicken for dinner and it was yummy!

IMG 1846


Nana with 1 week old Cash

IMG 1857


My 2nd Cousin Sara holding Cash for the first time

IMG 1861


Sara’s daughter, Haley, holding Cash for the first time.  I still remember holding Haley when she was this little!

IMG 1934

Gift time!

IMG 1863


One of Emma’s gifts from us… a Chinese Barbie Doll… we thought this would be a cool gift since Emma is learning to speak Chinese at school.

IMG 1868


Lalaloopsy doll from Nana!

IMG 1882  1


Emma’s Birthday cake was an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins… she picked it out on-line.  Daddy talked her into getting oreos n creme ice cream… she originally said plain ‘ol vanilla and we just couldn’t have that!

IMG 1896

IMG 1905  1

IMG 1908

IMG 1913


In true Emma fashion, she blew out the candle mid-way through us singing “Happy Birthday,” she is a non-conformist!

IMG 1919  1

IMG 1924


After opening gifts the kids wanted to play with Emma’s new legos.  Sara was so sweet to help them!

IMG 1939

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