Emma’s Christmas Party at School

Emma’s school party was on Thursday, December 20th which was her last day of school before Winter Break.  I was able to leave Foster and Cash at home with Robin so I could slip away and be there for her party.

The kids didn’t perform or sing for the parents this time.  Instead, there were stations set up around the room and the kids rotated in “teams” from station to station.  I got to go with Emma and watch her make crafts, play games, etc.  We had a great time!

IMG 9493


Color game

IMG 9485

IMG 9486


Digging for reindeer food

IMG 9487

IMG 9488

IMG 9489

IMG 9491

IMG 9492


Making reindeer food

IMG 9495

IMG 9496


IMG 2347


Making a reindeer hat

IMG 9497

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