First Bath at Home

We gave Cash his first sponge bath at home on Sunday, December 16h.  His hair was starting to look pretty greasy!

I put him on some padded towels on the bathroom counter and the kids helped sponge him down.

IMG 1704


This picture cracks me up… we had been to Target earlier in the day and we let each of the big kids pick out one treat from the $1 bins and Emma chose this Misteltoe headband.  She loves it and wears it all the time!  So akward!

IMG 1747

IMG 1721


I saved his hair for last.  I wrapped up in a warm blanket out of the dryer and then washed his hair from the faucet.  He really seemed to like it!

IMG 1786

IMG 1782

IMG 1787


Spikey clean hair!

IMG 1798


Brushing his hair for a “comb-over”

IMG 1799


“Whew, that bath was exhausting!”  Night night.

IMG 1802

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