First Bath in the Nursery

After all of the Grandparents had been able to see and hold Cash we let him go to the nursery for his first bath… which he needed!  His hair was a mess!

Here are some pictures of Cash’s first bath.  He really seemed to like it!

Here is his fan club watching his bath!   Daddy got to be in the nursery to take pictures.


IMG 0745


Story behind this shirt… I ordered big brother/big sister shirts for the kids about 2 weeks before Cash was due from an Etsy store.  They did not arrive until the day Cash was born… Mom got them out of our mailbox when she took the kids home for lunch that day.  When the kids got to the hospital and I saw Foster’s shirt for the first time I was so mad!  It said, “Big Brother Chris.”   :(  I did get a full refund for both shirts but I was so disappointed.  The rest of the family thought it was hilarious and thought that it kind of just went with the rest of the day… nothing went as I planned it! :)  Pops made the “Foster” sign out of medical tape and put it over the “Chris.”  Foster now refers to this shirt as his “Chris shirt.”

IMG 0757  1


Bath time…  Cash looks so red here!  All 3 of our kids have been pretty red right after they were born… the medical term for this is “Plethoric” which means a lot of red blood cells at the surface of the skin. :)

IMG 0769

IMG 0773

IMG 0775

IMG 0778


Getting his hair washed

IMG 0798

IMG 0806


This is Katie, our fabulous newborn nursery nurse.  She took such awesome care of all of us.

IMG 0829


Gigi watching Cash through the window

IMG 0857  1


Cash had to stay in the nursery for about an hour after his bath to warm back up.

IMG 0870

IMG 0872

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