First Few Visitors

I’m going to break the next several hundred pictures into several posts… we took a LOT of pictures during the first week of Cash’s life!

After Cash and I got all checked out and comfortable we were able to have visitors!  The first visitor to our room was Aunt Judy!  She walked in and the look on her face said it all… like “Did you really have that baby at home???”  She looked so relieved to see us. My Mom had called her to let her know what happened.  We were so happy to see her.

IMG 0266

IMG 0329

IMG 0278


My Mom arrived to Labor and Delivery just a few minutes later with both kids.  I was so excited to see the kids!  Here they are meeting Cash for the first time.

IMG 0275


These outfits were what I had picked out for them to wear to school, not necessarily to the hospital to meet their little brother!  What a crazy morning.  :)

IMG 0318


My Mom did not want me to post any pictures of her on the blog… she didn’t put makeup on that morning and had been crying.  I couldn’t pass up this picture though.  Such relief.

IMG 0338  1

IMG 0352

IMG 0359


We were transported to our Postpartum room after things settled down a bit… around mid-morning.  My good friend, Jamey, came to visit and hear the story.  My kids were so excited to see her.

IMG 0395


Jamey lifting Foster up to see Cash in the crib.

IMG 0421


What a morning!

IMG 0423  1

IMG 0430

IMG 0469

IMG 0470  1


Emma begged to hold Cash from the get-go… and she still begs every minute of every day.  She loves to hold her baby brother.

IMG 0475


Emma is so nurturing and motherly!  She was with Foster also but it has been amazing to watch her as a 6 year old little Mommy.

IMG 0494  1


Foster holding Cash for the first time.  He is very sweet and nurturing to Cash too, but not quite like Emma- and he only holds him for about 3-4 minutes before getting bored.

IMG 0508  1

IMG 0516  1

IMG 0535  1

IMG 0553  1

IMG 0646


Check out those fingernails!

IMG 0704

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