Gingerbread Party

Saturday, December 8th was the annual Gingerbread Party at our church.  Robin was super-dad and took the kids to the party by himself so that I could stay home and rest… I am one lucky girl. :)

Robin said the kids had a great time decorating their houses… and eating candy here and there. :)

IMG 0003

IMG 9945

IMG 9950

IMG 9951


Foster loves arts and crafts!  He gets very serious when he works.

IMG 9941

IMG 9957


IMG 9963  1


After they completed their gingerbread houses they got to make a gingerbread man…

I think Emma and Foster look a lot alike in this picture!

IMG 0014


IMG 0021

IMG 0024

IMG 0023


Foster hanging out with Miss Alyson, our Preschool Minister.  I am so thankful that our church has so many preschool traditions for our kids to enjoy!

IMG 0030

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