“I’m Brand New!”

So, if you made it throuh my last post (it was LOOOONG, I know!) then you know the story of how sweet Cash arrived.  Cash was born at home after what some doctors refer to as a “precipitous delivery.”  After both he and I were stablized at home, the paramedics transported us to St. John Medical Center, the hospital where I work and the hospital where Cash was SUPPOSED to be born! We arrived to the hospital about one hour after Cash was born, at about 7:30 am.  Here is a picture of us on our way into our Labor and Delivery room.

IMG 0100


Some of these pictures may be repeats from my last post but I wanted to go through the whole process of them assessing Cash when we got to the hospital… The nurses were shocked at how good he looked!  One of the top priorities with neonates is making sure that they are WARM and Cash was born at home and then transported into the cold 19 degree air outside so this was definitely a concern.  HIs temperture was one of the first things they checked and he was 98.9 degrees!  Momma did a good job of keeping him warm in the ambulance.  This aluminum foil looking thing is actually a thermal blanket, used to keep people (and babies) warm.  This is not exactly the “first blanket” I had in mind for Cash but I’m very thankful for the person that invented this!

IMG 0108


Here is a pictures of them checking Cash out, head to toe.  They couldn’t get over how wiggly he was.  He wouldn’t stop moving… just like he was in utero!

IMG 0120


At one point, one of the sweet nurses, Angie, scooped him up and said, “Sorry, I just need to hold him, he’s so cute!”

IMG 0144


Cute little feet

IMG 0172


Weighing Cash… 9 lbs 2 ozs, we were all pretty shocked!  They weighed him twice just to make sure!

IMG 0181


Footprint time…

IMG 0195

IMG 0200


Measuring his head.  You can also see his very sharp fingernails here… he used those to scratch up his face when he went to the newborn nursery for his bath.  His poor little cheeks were so red after he scratched them up!

IMG 0224


Cash was hungry almost immediately after he was born.  He sucked on his fingers during the entire ambulance ride to the hospital!

IMG 0249


Getting him all wrapped up to be held!

IMG 0258


Daddy holding Cash for the first time

IMG 0145

We were so thankful that Cash checked out well.  He did have some low blood sugar issues and some cold body temperatures later in the day but we stayed on top of it and he was all better by the next morning!  Looking back at these pictures I’m still amazed at God’s protection for this baby boy.

Psalm 139:13: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

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