“Magnificent Baby”

While Nana took the big kids to Bass Pro Shop, Robin, Cash, and I got to hang out at home for a quiet morning… it was so nice!  We decided to take a few pictures of Cash in his nursery. He was 10 days old in these pictures.

The outfit Cash has on was given to me by my sweet friend, Terra, who has a monogramming business.  The brand of the outfit is “Magnificent Baby” and the outfit closes together by magnets (instead of snaps, buttons, or zippers.)  It’s the coolest thing ever!  Terra put his initials on the outfit which makes it even more special. :)  Thanks so much Terra, I love this outfit!!!

Here is Cash saying, “Really guys, more pictures????”

IMG 1945

IMG 1949

IMG 1959

IMG 1966  Version 2 14  2


IMG 1972



IMG 1980 27  3

IMG 2002 38  2

IMG 2019 46  1

IMG 2049

IMG 2061

IMG 2065  Version 2 70

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