Making Cookies with Judy

One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is making (and eating) Christmas cookies with my Grandma.  She made the BEST cookies and we all remember eating dozens of them when we were at her house to celebrate Christmas.  Now that I have my own kids, I want to pass this tradition on to them, but the entire process is overwhelming to me!  Thankfully, Judy offered to take this task on this year!  She made my Grandma’s recipe for sugar cookie dough the night before and then brought the dough over on the Saturday before Christmas and let the kids help her through the entire process.  They LOVED it!

Here they are getting ready to start… getting the dough out of the bowl

IMG 2072  1

IMG 2073  1


Rolling out the dough… Judy started and then the kids each got a turn rolling the dough

IMG 2079  1

IMG 2082  1


Emma’s turn…

IMG 2083  1


She stood on her chair to get some extra leverage!

IMG 2085  1


Foster’s turn…

IMG 2088  1


Starting to cut out the cookies

IMG 2099  1

IMG 2104  1


IMG 2112  1


Daddy even got in on the cookie cutting action…

IMG 2118

IMG 2120  1


Cash was present for the cookie cutting… doesn’t he look thrilled!  He had just eaten. :)  Aunt Judy got him this adorable bib… it has special meaning because we called my Great Aunt (Judy’s Aunt), “Auntie.”

IMG 2126  1


While the cookies cooked and cooled we played with Cash

IMG 2129  1

IMG 2136


Decorating the cookies… at first we were worried that we didn’t have enough dough to make a bunch of cookies… the dough went a LOT farther than we anticipated! There were a LOT of cookies to decorate!

IMG 2229  1

IMG 2179


Emma took the cookie decorating very seriously… Foster just ATE cookies and became very slap-happy.

IMG 2206  1


One of Emma’s gingerbread men… she carefully thought out how she wanted to decorate each cookie.

IMG 2220  1


Some of the finished cookies!  We made 54 cookies in all… and we at them pretty quickly!  We saved a few to set out for Santa on Christmas Eve and had about a dozen left over to take to Nana’s on Christmas Day.

IMG 2227

Thank you so much Aunt Judy for this very fun memory!

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