Newborn Pictures at the Hospital

Thursday morning Robin, Cash, and me enjoyed some nice alone time just hanging out before being discharged.  We decided to take some newborn pictures of our own before leaving.

Here are the pictures we took… it just amazes me how newborns looks’ change daily!

IMG 1228

IMG 1213

IMG 1256

IMG 1269

IMG 1296

This outfit is a newborn outfit and hat and Foster wore it in the hospital the day that we took his pictures. I put it on Cash so that we could compare later (comparison pictures to come.)  This outfit did NOT fit Cash!  He is just a big baby!

IMG 1252

One eye open

IMG 1435

IMG 1463

IMG 1470

IMG 1477

IMG 1487


Time to go home… first ride in the carseat!

IMG 1508

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