First Day at Home

Our first day at home was fairly quiet.  We got home from the hospital around 12:45 on Thursday and both kids were at school.  We came home to a yummy Taco Bueno lunch provided by Gigi and Pops and a clean house, also provided by Pops and Gigi!

Here are Pops and Cash enjoying some bonding time…

IMG 1510

IMG 1523


Pops and Gigi got us an awesome Moses Basket for Cash… Foster had fun playing in the plastic packaging.

IMG 1527


About an hour or so after Emma came home from school Pops and Gigi had to get on the road to head back to Texas.  We loved having them here for several days!  The kids were so sad to see them go.

IMG 1536

Luckily we will see them in a few days again for Christmas!

Newborn Pictures at the Hospital

Thursday morning Robin, Cash, and me enjoyed some nice alone time just hanging out before being discharged.  We decided to take some newborn pictures of our own before leaving.

Here are the pictures we took… it just amazes me how newborns looks’ change daily!

IMG 1228

IMG 1213

IMG 1256

IMG 1269

IMG 1296

This outfit is a newborn outfit and hat and Foster wore it in the hospital the day that we took his pictures. I put it on Cash so that we could compare later (comparison pictures to come.)  This outfit did NOT fit Cash!  He is just a big baby!

IMG 1252

One eye open

IMG 1435

IMG 1463

IMG 1470

IMG 1477

IMG 1487


Time to go home… first ride in the carseat!

IMG 1508

2nd Day Visitors

12/12/12… The day Cash was SUPPOSED to be born!  We had a great 2nd day in the hospital and enjoyed several visitors. Emma went to school on Wednesday but got to come to the hospital as soon as school was over. I was so excited to see her.  Emma’s teacher asked us to send a picture of Cash to her e-mail and she put it on the Smart Board at school for Emma to show off to her classmates.  That made Emma’s day. :)

Here is Emma holding Cash when she got to the hospital…

IMG 0889





IMG 0937  1


I love this next series of pictures.  Foster got really tickled while holding Cash and just started cracking up!  We’re not sure why!

IMG 1014

IMG 1017

IMG 1018

IMG 1020

IMG 1023


Mommy enjoying some Cash cuddles…

IMG 1052


Uncle Boom came to visit on Wednesday night… he thinks Cash looks like my Dad, Grandpa Charlie.

IMG 1059


More Emma time… she LOVES to hold Cash!  I know Cash’s hat is kind of silling looking here… these hats are donated by a sweet lady who makes them for the nursery and they are actually the best hats to warm babies up!  Since his temperature had been low that morning we tried to keep a warm hat on him.

IMG 1088

IMG 1093

IMG 1096

IMG 1117


One last turn for Foster before they went home to go to sleep.

IMG 1127


Nana came to visit after work.

IMG 1139

IMG 1163


Judy came to visit after work also… she said she had been looking at the clock all day waiting for the time she could come see Cash!

IMG 1168


First Bath in the Nursery

After all of the Grandparents had been able to see and hold Cash we let him go to the nursery for his first bath… which he needed!  His hair was a mess!

Here are some pictures of Cash’s first bath.  He really seemed to like it!

Here is his fan club watching his bath!   Daddy got to be in the nursery to take pictures.


IMG 0745


Story behind this shirt… I ordered big brother/big sister shirts for the kids about 2 weeks before Cash was due from an Etsy store.  They did not arrive until the day Cash was born… Mom got them out of our mailbox when she took the kids home for lunch that day.  When the kids got to the hospital and I saw Foster’s shirt for the first time I was so mad!  It said, “Big Brother Chris.”   :(  I did get a full refund for both shirts but I was so disappointed.  The rest of the family thought it was hilarious and thought that it kind of just went with the rest of the day… nothing went as I planned it! :)  Pops made the “Foster” sign out of medical tape and put it over the “Chris.”  Foster now refers to this shirt as his “Chris shirt.”

IMG 0757  1


Bath time…  Cash looks so red here!  All 3 of our kids have been pretty red right after they were born… the medical term for this is “Plethoric” which means a lot of red blood cells at the surface of the skin. :)

IMG 0769

IMG 0773

IMG 0775

IMG 0778


Getting his hair washed

IMG 0798

IMG 0806


This is Katie, our fabulous newborn nursery nurse.  She took such awesome care of all of us.

IMG 0829


Gigi watching Cash through the window

IMG 0857  1


Cash had to stay in the nursery for about an hour after his bath to warm back up.

IMG 0870

IMG 0872

Meeting Pops and Gigi

Pops and Gigi wanted to be here when Cash was born… they even offered to come on Monday night but Robin told them it wasn’t necessary.  Little did we know what the next 24 hours would hold! Robin texted his parents on Tuesday morning in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and they immediately hopped in the car to come to Tulsa.  At first, they weren’t sure if Robin was kidding when he said that Cash was born at home- Robin has been known to be a bit of a jokester!  ;)

They got to the hospital around 1:45 that afternoon.  At that time the kids had gone home for lunch with Nana and Robin had gone home to get the remainder of our “stuff” so it was just Judy, me and Cash in the hospital room.

Pops immediately scooped Cash up.  Pops is known as the “baby whisperer” in the family.  Cash is Pops and Gigi’s 7th grandchild!  6 of whom have been born in the last 3 years!


IMG 0717

IMG 0728


Gigi holding Cash (these pictures of Gigi holding Cash were taken the 2nd day… for some reason we didn’t get any pictures of her holding him the first day!)

IMG 1032

IMG 1033

IMG 1045

IMG 1047

IMG 1049

IMG 1050

I would like to add here that Pops and Gigi were absolute life-savers the week Cash was born.  They came for 3 days and basically took care of our older kids’ every need so that Robin could stay with me at the hospital.  Foster and Emma were in heaven having them at home!  Thank you so much Pops and Gigi!

I posted this on Facebook too… Pops and Gigi cleaned our house after Cash’s birth which was such a blessing.  Pops even steam cleaned our carpets and removed all evidence!  You can not even tell anything happened in that spot and believe me you could tell before he cleaned.  I don’t know many father-in-laws that would take on that kind of task.  We love you Pops.

First Few Visitors

I’m going to break the next several hundred pictures into several posts… we took a LOT of pictures during the first week of Cash’s life!

After Cash and I got all checked out and comfortable we were able to have visitors!  The first visitor to our room was Aunt Judy!  She walked in and the look on her face said it all… like “Did you really have that baby at home???”  She looked so relieved to see us. My Mom had called her to let her know what happened.  We were so happy to see her.

IMG 0266

IMG 0329

IMG 0278


My Mom arrived to Labor and Delivery just a few minutes later with both kids.  I was so excited to see the kids!  Here they are meeting Cash for the first time.

IMG 0275


These outfits were what I had picked out for them to wear to school, not necessarily to the hospital to meet their little brother!  What a crazy morning.  :)

IMG 0318


My Mom did not want me to post any pictures of her on the blog… she didn’t put makeup on that morning and had been crying.  I couldn’t pass up this picture though.  Such relief.

IMG 0338  1

IMG 0352

IMG 0359


We were transported to our Postpartum room after things settled down a bit… around mid-morning.  My good friend, Jamey, came to visit and hear the story.  My kids were so excited to see her.

IMG 0395


Jamey lifting Foster up to see Cash in the crib.

IMG 0421


What a morning!

IMG 0423  1

IMG 0430

IMG 0469

IMG 0470  1


Emma begged to hold Cash from the get-go… and she still begs every minute of every day.  She loves to hold her baby brother.

IMG 0475


Emma is so nurturing and motherly!  She was with Foster also but it has been amazing to watch her as a 6 year old little Mommy.

IMG 0494  1


Foster holding Cash for the first time.  He is very sweet and nurturing to Cash too, but not quite like Emma- and he only holds him for about 3-4 minutes before getting bored.

IMG 0508  1

IMG 0516  1

IMG 0535  1

IMG 0553  1

IMG 0646


Check out those fingernails!

IMG 0704

“I’m Brand New!”

So, if you made it throuh my last post (it was LOOOONG, I know!) then you know the story of how sweet Cash arrived.  Cash was born at home after what some doctors refer to as a “precipitous delivery.”  After both he and I were stablized at home, the paramedics transported us to St. John Medical Center, the hospital where I work and the hospital where Cash was SUPPOSED to be born! We arrived to the hospital about one hour after Cash was born, at about 7:30 am.  Here is a picture of us on our way into our Labor and Delivery room.

IMG 0100


Some of these pictures may be repeats from my last post but I wanted to go through the whole process of them assessing Cash when we got to the hospital… The nurses were shocked at how good he looked!  One of the top priorities with neonates is making sure that they are WARM and Cash was born at home and then transported into the cold 19 degree air outside so this was definitely a concern.  HIs temperture was one of the first things they checked and he was 98.9 degrees!  Momma did a good job of keeping him warm in the ambulance.  This aluminum foil looking thing is actually a thermal blanket, used to keep people (and babies) warm.  This is not exactly the “first blanket” I had in mind for Cash but I’m very thankful for the person that invented this!

IMG 0108


Here is a pictures of them checking Cash out, head to toe.  They couldn’t get over how wiggly he was.  He wouldn’t stop moving… just like he was in utero!

IMG 0120


At one point, one of the sweet nurses, Angie, scooped him up and said, “Sorry, I just need to hold him, he’s so cute!”

IMG 0144


Cute little feet

IMG 0172


Weighing Cash… 9 lbs 2 ozs, we were all pretty shocked!  They weighed him twice just to make sure!

IMG 0181


Footprint time…

IMG 0195

IMG 0200


Measuring his head.  You can also see his very sharp fingernails here… he used those to scratch up his face when he went to the newborn nursery for his bath.  His poor little cheeks were so red after he scratched them up!

IMG 0224


Cash was hungry almost immediately after he was born.  He sucked on his fingers during the entire ambulance ride to the hospital!

IMG 0249


Getting him all wrapped up to be held!

IMG 0258


Daddy holding Cash for the first time

IMG 0145

We were so thankful that Cash checked out well.  He did have some low blood sugar issues and some cold body temperatures later in the day but we stayed on top of it and he was all better by the next morning!  Looking back at these pictures I’m still amazed at God’s protection for this baby boy.

Psalm 139:13: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Fast Cash…

As I sit here sipping my morning coffee reflecting on the last 24 hours I am in awe of My God.  I am in awe of his provision and protection for our family and am excited to share the story of Cash’s birth…

So I wish I could say that I have some grand explanation or excuse for why or how this happened.  Unfortunately, I do not!  I have analyzed things over and over and my mind. Robin and I have looked at each other about 100 times in the last 24 hours and said, “Did that really happen?”

Let me begin by telling you where I started the week.  I had my last Dr’s appointment last Thursday where my doctor told me I was dilated to a “2″ and mostly effaced.  He said that I could go into labor at any point but we went ahead and scheduled an induction for 12/12/12 which was my actual due date because my past two babies have been big babies and we didn’t want him to be too big!  We were very excited at the thought of having Cash on 12/12/12- what a cool Birthday!

On Monday morning 12/10/12 after getting Emma ready for school and Foster ready for the day, I began having some mild contractions.  Please note, I have never actually “gone into labor” before.  I knew what strong contractions felt like from being induced, but I had never gone into labor on my own where things start out gradual and progress over time.  I knew that this was the potential start of early labor.

So Monday morning after putting Emma on the bus I began timing things.  I had very irregular contractions, 15-20 minutes apart, nothing too severe.  By the way- did you know there is an iphone App for timing contractions?  I bought and used it… but don’t recommend it!  Obviously it did not help me determine when to appropriately go to the hospital! :)

I laid low most of the day while taking care of Foster.  At lunchtime I asked Robin to come home from work and take care of Foster because I wasn’t feeling great.  I napped for most of the afternoon.  Monday evening we had Mazzio’s pizza for dinner, I hung out with the kids for a bit, then laid in bed while watching the American Country Awards.  I had contractions off and on during the evening but again nothing regular, nothing too severe. Before bed Robin and I kind of went over the game plan.  Ok, so I’m in early labor, having some contractions.  We knew that the rule of thumb was that once contractions are about 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long, for 1 hour, it’s time to head to the hospital.  I probably would have headed to the hospital even if contractions were 7 or 8 minutes apart regularly since this is my third baby and things tend to progress more quickly with subsequent babies, but again, contractions were not severe or consistent.  We decided to try to get some sleep and call my Mom during the night if needed to head to the hospital.  And so we slept.  I woke up periodically during the night in pain but nothing major.  I got up twice to go to the bathroom.

At 6am I shot out of bed with a very very painful contraction.  I could hardly talk, breathe, move.  I went to run a bath thinking that was the only thing that might help!  I got in the bath for about a minute and then decided, “I think we need to head to the hospital- this contraction is not letting up!!!”  I told Robin to call my Mom  and start throwing things in the car.  We had been packed for the hospital for weeks but had not yet packed the car. Robin called my Mom and told her we needed her immediately- she said she’d be right over.  I got out of the bath and started to put my hospital clothes on and I just became extremely panicked.  I remember my thought process shifting from “Oh darn, Cash isn’t going to be born on 12/12/12 to oh my, I’m not sure we can make it to the hospital!!!”

What occured in my body over the course of the next 5 minutes can not be really described or explained in words other than to say I shifted into full blown active labor in a matter of seconds.  I will never forget the extreme fear and panic that swept over me.  I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk, I didn’t know how I got to this point?  My sweet Robin continued to pack the car when I began yelling at him, “Robin, I can’t do this, I can’t even walk to the car.”  I was trying to crawl to the car when I made a pit-stop in the guest bathroom.  I said, “Robin, please call 911, he’s coming now”  Robin yelled at me, “GET IN THE CAR, WE ARE NOT DOING THIS HERE!  NO, NO, NO, NO, STOP!  GET IN THE CAR, WE ARE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL.”  He continued to pack the car. :)  I will spare the gory details but suffice it to say that when Robin rounded the corner the 20th time in the guest hallway, he realized that the baby’s head had already been delivered.  I laid down on the floor in our guest hallway and Robin quickly called 911.

[Robin's words...]

Now, in tv & movies, they make calling 911 seem like a quick process – “9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” and then they immediately help you with your EMERGENCY! But, in real life it’s a bit different APPARENTLY.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” Uh, MY WIFE IS HAVING OUR BABY!!!…IN OUR HOUSE!!! “Ok, sir, what is your name?” Robincurry! “Can you spell that?” r-o-b-i-n-c-u-r-ry!!!!!! “And your address?” 11122southjoplin! “Can you repeat that?” 1122SOUTHJOPLINOMG! “And the telephone number you are calling from?” MESAYINGABUNCHOFNUMBERSREALLYFAST!!! (Meanwhile, baby’s head has entered the world) … “Ok, sir, I’m getting ready to give you instructions on how to deliver a baby…” (Meanwhile, I just delivered the baby) Uh, yeah, let’s go ahead and skip to step 2! The baby is out and laying on the foor! What’s next?!

Next, the nice lady – despite the process being slow, the dispatcher really was very nice and I’m forever grateful to her – walked me through tying off the umbilical cord with a shoestring (cue me, in panic mode, running through the house trying to find a shoe, grabbing the first one I could find – I think it was my MOWING shoes – and cutting out the shoestring with scissors), and then walking me through cleaning/warming the baby up with towels (cue me, in panic mode, running through the house trying to find towels, grabbing the first ones I could find – our NICEST hand towels of course), and that’s about the moment the paramedics arrived. I’ve never been so relieved!

[End Robin's words] [Back to Jill]

I remember laying on the ground wishing we had installed the upgraded carpet in our house.  Goodness, if I had known I was going to give birth to my 3rd child on the floor, I would have made sure we both had a comfortable landing spot.  Nothing about that hallway was comfortable.

I will never forget how relieved I was to see the paramedics and firemen arrive.  I can say for sure that God hand-picked each and every one of those professionals to arrive at our house yesterday morning.  We learned later that they had all just gotten on duty and this was their first call of the day- and that we made THEIR day. Katheryn was the lead paramedic.  She knelt down beside me and said, “Hey there Momma, you did great.  Let’s get you guys all fixed up.”  Those words were so comforting, so calming.  Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

She took care of Cash first.  He came out fairly pink, but not crying.  She gave him Apgar scores of 7 and 8, not too shabby for being born at home on the carpet, delivered by your Daddy.

She stimulated him vigorously, suctioned him with a bulb syringe, cut the umbilical cord, and then passed him to a fireman to hold.  I will never be able to get the image of that sweet fireman holding my new baby boy, all wrapped up in an aluminum blanket.  I have always had a deep admiration for firemen, now they are truly my heroes.

Next she worked on me, checked my vital signs- all were very good.

The next thing I remember is my sweet Mom walking in the door.  Bless her heart.  She thought she was on her way over to sit with the kids while we went to the hospital, and when she arrived at our house she saw two firetrucks and an ambulance.  She walked in our front door and found her daughter lying in the hallway and her 2nd grandson being held by a fireman.  She looked at Robin and said, “Did you deliver?”  He said, “Yes, I think I did.”  Mom broke down bawling.  I don’t blame her.

The next several minutes are quite a blur.  The team stabilized Cash and me and then worked to cover both of us with warm blankets before transporting us in the 19 degree weather to the ambulance.

I got to hold Cash in the ambulance which was very comforting for me. I kept saying to him over and over again, “Cash, I’m so sorry your entrance to this world was so rough, Mommy promises to make it up to you forever and ever.”  I kept staring at him, amazed that he was healthy, amazed that he was looking back at me.

The ambulance ride wasn’t exactly fun.  I just delivered a baby without pain meds, now I was on HWY 75 in the back of an ambulance going 75 miles an hour!  OUCHHH!  Sweet Katheryn talked to me and comforted me the entire way there.  I was also very grateful to have Robin riding right next to me.

When we arrived to L&D at St. John’s we were greeted by the best Labor and Delivery staff ever!  They said, “We’ve been waiting for you!”  About 3 nurses worked to assess Cash under the warmer and 3 nurses worked to get me comfortable.  I work at St. John’s in the NICU so I knew some of the nurses.  I was especially happy to see that the nurse taking care of Cash for the day was Katie, a previous NICU nurse, now newborn nursery nurse.  She couldn’t believe that I was the person that “had the baby at home and was being brought in by ambulance!”




We were shocked to find out that Cash was 9 lbs, 2 ozs.  Yowzers, how did I do that???

My OBGYN arrived shortly after we got there.  First he gave me a hug.  Then he made a joke… “Jill, I should have told you at your first appointment, home deliveries are for pizzas only, not for babies.” Ha ha ha.  Then he turned to Robin and told him he did a great job with the delivery and he’d be happy for him to take over his practice for the week so he could go on vacation. :)

Everything from that point on was pretty routine… I was able to recover in Labor and Delivery and Cash was able to stay with us the entire time.

My thoughts on the entire experience?  God is continuing to teach me about control.  I am a Type A planner, I have everything lined out, everything organized, and think I know how everything should go.  God is continuing to teach me to “Let go and Let God!”  In the moment where I was lying on the carpet in the hallway staring at my newborn son, I kept replaying over and over in my head, “I will NEVER leave you, I will NEVER forsake you.”  Hebrews 13:5.  In the moments right before I delivered I remember crying out to God, “God, I can’t do this, please be with me.”  He WAS with me, he never left my side.

Would I do things differently if I had it to do over again?  ABSOLUTELY!  I would have gone to the hospital during the night and had my baby in hospital- where babies should be born.  I’m a NICU nurse… I know how many things can go wrong with deliveries.  Cash’s umbillical cord could have been wrapped around his neck, he could have aspirated meconium, he could have required bag and mask ventilation which we did not have, he could have gotten stuck in the birth canal.  None of this happened.  And for that we praise God- not because we got “lucky” but because God was with us, protecting us.

Mommy and Daddy thought it would have been SOOO cool for Cash’s Birthday to be 12/12/12… Cash had a different idea about what he wanted his story would be… “Hey guess what?  I was born at home!  My Daddy delivered me!”  Something tells me this little guy is gonna keep us on our toes and bless this World.  Something else tells me that Cash and his Daddy will always share a pretty special bond.

If you have time, please refer back to my blog post about Cash’s gender reveal.












Children’s Christmas Choir Program

Tonight was Emma’s Children’s Christmas Choir Program.  This year I am helping out with the 3rd grade choir but my co-teachers were sweet and told me just to sit and enjoy Emma rather than helping out with the big kids, so I did.

Here are Emma and Foster before the program- Foster was distracted by people walking in to the the church!  Nana got Emma her sweet dress and black dress shoes.

IMG 0034  1

IMG 0038

IMG 0048


It was difficult to find seats by the time we got there… here is Emma’s “Fan club.”  We had to stand  up to be able to see her!

IMG 9477


Our amazing Pastor, Dr. Ted Kersh.

IMG 0056


The 3 year olds, 4 year olds, and 5 year olds all sang together… it was a pretty big group!

IMG 0063


We were very proud of Emma for singing every word!

IMG 0064


After her group sang their two sangs Emma came and sat on my lap (what is left of my lap!) to watch the remaining groups perform.

IMG 0071

IMG 0072


Ok, so THIS is our last picture as a family of 4!  :)

IMG 9482  1