Sunday before Christmas

We decided to be brave and go to church on the Sunday before Christmas  This was our first big outing with Cash and his first time to church… he was only 12 days old!  Emma and Cash went to the church service with us, and Foster went to his class in childcare.   Cash did a great job during the service- he slept most of the time in his carseat.

IMG 1162

IMG 2240


Towards the end of the service Cash started to get a little squirmy so we got him out to hold him… Emma wanted to hold him first. :)

IMG 2244


Family pictures after the service

IMG 2251


IMG 2254  1



Sunday afternoon I took some pictures of Cash on our bed wearing his “My First Christmas” outfit.

IMG 2271

IMG 2273


IMG 2272


I am SO in love with this little boy.

IMG 2276


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