Pinot’s Palette

For Christmas this year I bought all of the ladies in my family gift certificates to Pinot’s Palette, a new art studio that recently opened in Tulsa.  I thought this would be a fun “Girls’ Night” and bonding experience for all of us.  On Christmas Day we picked out which painting we wanted to do and it took place on January 22nd.  The painting we picked was called “Whimsical Fall…” We had such a great time!

Here are Christi, Judy, Haley, and Sara working on their paintings..

IMG 9508


IMG 9509


Mom and I had so much fun together… I laughed at her several times when she thought she had totally messed up her painting… but it turns out her painting was one of the best of all of ours!

Photo  37 copy


IMG 9510


Photo  39


IMG 9513


Sara is an actual artist so it was fun to get to watch her “in the zone!”

Photo  40


From top left: Judy, Christi, Haley, Sara, Gail, Jill

I’m so thankful for my family- I love these ladies!

Photo  41

6 weeks old!

Time is flying by… here are a few picture of Cash Franklin at 6 weeks old.

I think he looks like my Dad, Grandpa Charlie, in this top picture… he has his long forehead!  I’m still LOVING all of that dark hair, I hope he keeps it! :)

IMG 2960


IMG 3002


IMG 2980

Cash’s First Trip to Arlington

On Thursday, January 17th we left for a quick road-trip to Arlington so that we could hang out with Robin’s family.  This was our first time to meet our new nephew, Shepherd, and Cash’s first time to meet Aunt Fallon, Uncle Craig, and Great-Granddad and Great-Grandmom.  It is very difficult to find a time that we can get together with both of Robin’s siblings, spouses, and kids so when we have an opportunity we try to seize it!

We stayed from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon.  Cash did amazingly well in the car on the way there and back.  He had a hard time sleeping while we were there but we survived!

Here is a blurry picture of Zane Emma, and Lylah playing with Pops’ iPad.  The adults kept commenting on “how times have changed!”  When I was a kid I’m pretty sure I wasn’t playing on an iPad with my cousins!

IMG 2692  1


Great-Granddad holding Cash for the first time.  Their outfits coordinated. :)

IMG 2705  1

IMG 2703

IMG 2709

IMG 2726


Gigi hugging Cash

IMG 2746


Emma and Lylah doing some crafts.  These two girls play so well together!

IMG 2753  1


Great-Granddad holding Taryn.

IMG 2755  1


Great-Grandmom holding a very sleepy Shepherd!

IMG 2761


Cash (on left) and Shepherd (on right)… Shepherd is 11 days older than Cash

IMG 2777  1



IMG 2786

IMG 2798  1


IMG 2833

IMG 2836


I’m awake!

IMG 2852


Pops is STILL the Baby Whisperer.  Cash and Pops took a 2 hour long nap together on Friday afternoon!

IMG 2865


The whole gang! Foster (3 years), Emma (6 years), Cash (5 weeks),Taryn (8 months), Zane (3 1/2 years), Lylah (3 years), and Shepherd (7 weeks.)

IMG 2878  1

IMG 2878  Version 2

IMG 2892  1


Foster shared an intimate moment with Grandmom… showing her “Bubba.”  Bubba used to be Emma’s baby doll but now he has claimed Bubba as his own.

IMG 2897

IMG 2905

IMG 2918

Saying goodbye to Lylah…

IMG 2909


3 generation picture: Craig, Pops, and Shepherd

IMG 2920


Craig doing his “Craig face” telling everyone to “Say Goodbye to Shepherd!!!”

IMG 2929


Daddy and Cash

IMG 2933

IMG 2937


Gigi, Foster, and Cash

IMG 2941

IMG 2944

IMG 2945


My big boy… love him!

IMG 2951


And this is how we ALL felt after the weekend in Arlington!  Foster fell asleep face down on Gigi and Pops’ couch!

IMG 2686


Cash is 1 month old!

I guess all of that blogging at the end of December wore me out because I haven’t blogged (or taken many pictures for that matter) in about a month!  That, and I am still learning how to juggle taking care of two older kids, a newborn, and a household! :)

We are slowly adjusting to being a famiy of 5.  I’ve heard many people say that going from 2 to 3 kids “rocked their world.”  I can honestly say I feel the same way.  Robin has said several times that we have switched from “man-on-man defense” to “zone defense!”  We are outnumbered for sure!  With that being said, I wouldn’t change things for the world.  I know that this time will pass much too quickly.  The days of holding a refluxy baby, while filling a sippy cup, making dinner, and folding laundry all at the same time will pass much too quickly.  I know that in a matter of years, I will probably long to have these days back!!!

Cash has blessed our lives so much just in the short time he has already been here.  He is such a sweet baby.  Of our 3 kids, he is by far the most cuddly.  Unfortunately, Cash has developed reflux, much like his big brother, Foster.  The good thing about this running in the family is that we are more equipped to deal with it this time around!  We haven’t totally freaked out this time!  We know that Cash needs to be held after feedings, that he will not nap well until he grows out of this, etc., etc.  It breaks my heart to see him in pain but I know that it is temporary and I look forward to the day that he grows out of it!  Cash doesn’t spit up a ton, he has what is called “Silent Reflux” where the milk comes back up into his esophagus following a feeding and it burns, but it doesn’t necessarily come all the way out of his mouth.  He is definitely gaining weight which is a good thing!  Cash still wakes up several times during the night so he is sleeping in our room for now. :)

Here are some pictures taken on his 1 month Birthday.


IMG 2659


IMG 2663

IMG 2675

IMG 2678

It’s Snowing!!!

The kids were SO disappointed that it didn’t snow at our house on Christmas Day… we had told them that it was going to (our mistake!) but the weather took a turn and suprised the weathermen.

Then on Friday morning it started snowing and we didn’t even know it was a possibility!!!  I was at a 2 week follow up Doctor’s appointment so I wasn’t at home.  Gigi, Pops, and Robin got the kids all bundled up and headed outside.

Emma catching snowflakes on her tongue…

IMG 2556  1


Hmmm… where is Foster’s coat in this picture!?

IMG 2560  1

IMG 2565  1

IMG 2571  1

IMG 2575  1

IMG 2580  1

IMG 2583  1


After playing in the front yard for a while the kids came in and really got bundled up and went to the backyard for some more fun.  This monkey hat was a gift to Foster from Nana last year.

IMG 2603  1

IMG 2608  1


Catching more snowflakes!

IMG 2625  1

IMG 2628  1

IMG 2629  1

IMG 2638  1


After playing in the snow we all headed to McAllister’s to warm up and have a yummy lunch.  After lunch Pops and Gigi had to leave to go back to Texas.  Here is Gigi getting some last-minute snuggles in with Cash.

IMG 9500

Curry Family Christmas

The day after Christmas, Crystal and Tommy (Robin’s sister and brother-in-law), and their two kids, Zane and Taryn came to stay with us.  We had a great time celebrating “Curry Christmas” on Wednesday night.  The only family missing was Craig’s and we definitely missed them!  They just had baby Shepherd at the very end of November so it was pretty much impossible for all of us to get together.  Hopefully next year we can all be together!

Crystal holding Cash for the first time!

IMG 2448


Gigi, Taryn, and Emma

IMG 2449


Emma and Foster standing next to their huge green bags of gifts from Gigi and Pops!
IMG 2457  1


Zane, Emma, and Foster

IMG 2473  1


Foster opening his new remote control car from Tommy, Crystal, Zane, and Taryn

IMG 2480


The “aftermath”- Robin and I sad that it looked like Christmas threw up all over our living room!!!

IMG 2506  1


Zane, Foster, Taryn, and Emma

IMG 2528  1


And here is Cash enjoying his first “Curry Christmas!”

IMG 2543  1