Cash is 1 month old!

I guess all of that blogging at the end of December wore me out because I haven’t blogged (or taken many pictures for that matter) in about a month!  That, and I am still learning how to juggle taking care of two older kids, a newborn, and a household! :)

We are slowly adjusting to being a famiy of 5.  I’ve heard many people say that going from 2 to 3 kids “rocked their world.”  I can honestly say I feel the same way.  Robin has said several times that we have switched from “man-on-man defense” to “zone defense!”  We are outnumbered for sure!  With that being said, I wouldn’t change things for the world.  I know that this time will pass much too quickly.  The days of holding a refluxy baby, while filling a sippy cup, making dinner, and folding laundry all at the same time will pass much too quickly.  I know that in a matter of years, I will probably long to have these days back!!!

Cash has blessed our lives so much just in the short time he has already been here.  He is such a sweet baby.  Of our 3 kids, he is by far the most cuddly.  Unfortunately, Cash has developed reflux, much like his big brother, Foster.  The good thing about this running in the family is that we are more equipped to deal with it this time around!  We haven’t totally freaked out this time!  We know that Cash needs to be held after feedings, that he will not nap well until he grows out of this, etc., etc.  It breaks my heart to see him in pain but I know that it is temporary and I look forward to the day that he grows out of it!  Cash doesn’t spit up a ton, he has what is called “Silent Reflux” where the milk comes back up into his esophagus following a feeding and it burns, but it doesn’t necessarily come all the way out of his mouth.  He is definitely gaining weight which is a good thing!  Cash still wakes up several times during the night so he is sleeping in our room for now. :)

Here are some pictures taken on his 1 month Birthday.


IMG 2659


IMG 2663

IMG 2675

IMG 2678

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