Curry Family Christmas

The day after Christmas, Crystal and Tommy (Robin’s sister and brother-in-law), and their two kids, Zane and Taryn came to stay with us.  We had a great time celebrating “Curry Christmas” on Wednesday night.  The only family missing was Craig’s and we definitely missed them!  They just had baby Shepherd at the very end of November so it was pretty much impossible for all of us to get together.  Hopefully next year we can all be together!

Crystal holding Cash for the first time!

IMG 2448


Gigi, Taryn, and Emma

IMG 2449


Emma and Foster standing next to their huge green bags of gifts from Gigi and Pops!
IMG 2457  1


Zane, Emma, and Foster

IMG 2473  1


Foster opening his new remote control car from Tommy, Crystal, Zane, and Taryn

IMG 2480


The “aftermath”- Robin and I sad that it looked like Christmas threw up all over our living room!!!

IMG 2506  1


Zane, Foster, Taryn, and Emma

IMG 2528  1


And here is Cash enjoying his first “Curry Christmas!”

IMG 2543  1

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