It’s Snowing!!!

The kids were SO disappointed that it didn’t snow at our house on Christmas Day… we had told them that it was going to (our mistake!) but the weather took a turn and suprised the weathermen.

Then on Friday morning it started snowing and we didn’t even know it was a possibility!!!  I was at a 2 week follow up Doctor’s appointment so I wasn’t at home.  Gigi, Pops, and Robin got the kids all bundled up and headed outside.

Emma catching snowflakes on her tongue…

IMG 2556  1


Hmmm… where is Foster’s coat in this picture!?

IMG 2560  1

IMG 2565  1

IMG 2571  1

IMG 2575  1

IMG 2580  1

IMG 2583  1


After playing in the front yard for a while the kids came in and really got bundled up and went to the backyard for some more fun.  This monkey hat was a gift to Foster from Nana last year.

IMG 2603  1

IMG 2608  1


Catching more snowflakes!

IMG 2625  1

IMG 2628  1

IMG 2629  1

IMG 2638  1


After playing in the snow we all headed to McAllister’s to warm up and have a yummy lunch.  After lunch Pops and Gigi had to leave to go back to Texas.  Here is Gigi getting some last-minute snuggles in with Cash.

IMG 9500

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