Pinot’s Palette

For Christmas this year I bought all of the ladies in my family gift certificates to Pinot’s Palette, a new art studio that recently opened in Tulsa.  I thought this would be a fun “Girls’ Night” and bonding experience for all of us.  On Christmas Day we picked out which painting we wanted to do and it took place on January 22nd.  The painting we picked was called “Whimsical Fall…” We had such a great time!

Here are Christi, Judy, Haley, and Sara working on their paintings..

IMG 9508


IMG 9509


Mom and I had so much fun together… I laughed at her several times when she thought she had totally messed up her painting… but it turns out her painting was one of the best of all of ours!

Photo  37 copy


IMG 9510


Photo  39


IMG 9513


Sara is an actual artist so it was fun to get to watch her “in the zone!”

Photo  40


From top left: Judy, Christi, Haley, Sara, Gail, Jill

I’m so thankful for my family- I love these ladies!

Photo  41

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