“Wild Thing”

This pictures were taken when Cash was right around 8 weeks old.  I’ve learned to take pictures when I think of it because he usually grows out of outfits after wearing them only once. :)  I thought this “Wild Thing” gown was appropriate for Cash considering his arrival!

IMG 3047  2

IMG 3098  2

IMG 3073  1


IMG 3045  1

IMG 3049  1


IMG 3064


Smiling and Rolling!


Right around the 8 weeks old mark, Cash began smiling at us all day long! It is such a cool feeling when your babies start to smile at you… on purpose!  When Cash smiles, his whole face lights up and it just melts me.

IMG 3013  1

IMG 3020  1


On another note, at about the same time Cash started smiling, he started rolling over from his stomach to his back! The first time he rolled over I thought it was a fluke thing, but he has repeated his trick many times since then!

IMG 3032  2


IMG 3036  1

IMG 3037  1

IMG 3038  1