Pops and Gigi visit during Spring Break

Pops and Gigi came for a quick visit during Gigi’s Spring Break.  Unfortunately her Spring Break was a week before our Spring Break but we still got to spend some good quality time together!

Here is a picture of Cash sleeping on Pops.  As I have mentioned several times before, Pops is the “Baby Whisperer” in our family and can get ANY baby to sleep in a matter of minutes. :) I have pictures of Emma and Foster at about this same age asleep on Pops too!

IMG 3479  1

IMG 3481  1


Gigi and Cash sharing some smiles…

IMG 3484  1

IMG 3485

IMG 3488

IMG 3742

He’s in his crib!

Around 10 weeks I started putting Cash in his crib during the day for naps.  He LOVES to be swaddled tightly.  So our current routine is that I swaddle him tightly, lay him in his crib, and turn his mobile on.  He loves watching his mobile!

I always offer him a pacifier but he is not a huge fan of the paci!  This is very new for me because Foster and Emma were addicted to their pacis!

IMG 3391


IMG 3393

IMG 3394


IMG 3413

Snow time after school!

Foster was SO excited for Emma to get home from school so that they could play in the snow together.  I had Emma’s “snow clothes” all laid out so she could come inside and change her clothes after getting off of the bus… However, she ran home from the bus, threw her backpack in the door, and immediately went to playing in the snow in her school clothes.  There was NO time to waste changing clothes!  Her hat is on backwards by the way!


IMG 3297

IMG 3300

IMG 3321

IMG 3323  1


The kids had so much fun playing with our neighbors on this mini-hill between on our houses!

IMG 3325

IMG 3327

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IMG 3334

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IMG 3339

IMG 3341

IMG 3354

IMG 3357  1

I’m so glad that kids got experience at least one real snow this year!

Snow time in the morning…

On February 20th we finally got some real snow!  Unfortuantely, Emma still had school but she got to play in it when she got home from school!

The snow really started coming down mid-morning and the boys and me watched it out Cash’s window.  It was SO beautiful!

Here is Cash watching the snow…

IMG 3192

IMG 3198  1

IMG 3199  1

IMG 3202  1

IMG 3214  1


IMG 3220  1


Foster got all bundled and played in the snow for a little bit, he absolutely loved it!

IMG 3227  1

IMG 3228

IMG 3231  1

IMG 3237  1

IMG 3243


Cars rainboots… not exactly snow boots, but they worked!

IMG 3246  1

IMG 3251  1


Checking in on baby Cash, watching from the warmth of his room!

IMG 3253

IMG 3255

IMG 3266

IMG 3270


Emma’s Valentine Party at School

Emma’s Kindergarten Valentine Party was on Wednesday, February 13th in the morning.  Looking back, I think I may have been slightly insane trying to go to the party with a 3 year old and an infant!  I survived though!

Emma was SO excited to have us at the party.  There were several stations set up around with Valentine’s crafts and game.  Foster, Cash and I travled with her from station to station to watch her.

Here are some pictures of Foster standing by Emma’s “Curry” snowman on the wall outside her classroom before the party started.

IMG 9526


IMG 9527


IMG 9528

Here is Emma walking from her Chinese classroom to her English classroom.  She was so excited to see us!

IMG 9529


Emma sitting in her classroom listening to the party instructions

IMG 9530


IMG 9531


Cash was a good baby during the party, he just hung out in his carseat in a corner. :)

IMG 9532




Doing push-ups with some classmates

IMG 9537


Doing some sit-ups with some classmates!

IMG 9539


Sweet siblings.  Foster puts his hands in his mouth when he is nervous- we are working on this!

IMG 9546

IMG 9547


Having fun during a jump the hearts game.

IMG 9550


2 months old

IMG 9525

Cash is 2 months old!  In some ways it seems as though the time has just flown by, but in other ways it seems like he’s been in our family forever!

Just a little bit before Cash turned 2 months old he started becoming really smiley which has been so fun.  He continues to be a prety big boy!  I put him in the same outfit for his 2 month pictures as he had on in his 1 month pictures and you can tell it is slightly tight in the “belly” area!

Cash had some very rough, fussy moments from around 3 weeks-around 8 weeks.  One moment he was very happy, and the next moment he was very fussy.  I’m blaming it on reflux.  However, at 8 weeks he really turned a corner and has become a mostly happy, content baby.  Right around 2 months he also started to sleep much better!  He takes a good nap in the morning and afternoon and has started consistently sleeping a good 6-8 hour stretch at night.  This Momma is very happy about that!

IMG 3142  1

IMG 3143  1



IMG 9514

IMG 9519

IMG 9524

We love you little Cash!


***So, I’m about 6 weeks behind on blogging and it’s driving me nuts.  I know, I know, such a “first world” problem.  In the grand scheme of life, being behind on blogging is not a big deal and should not be a priority!  Moving on…***


One morning before Robin left for work I noticed that he and Cash’s outfits were matching.  So I decided to take a few pictures…

I must say that Robin truly is a Super MAN…. he’s the best Daddy and Husband for our family that I ever could have asked for.  He is a super hands-on Dad.  Our kids adore him and he truly is their super hero!

IMG 3122  1

IMG 3117  2


IMG 3120  1

IMG 3121  1

IMG 3123  1

I pray ever day that Cash and Foster will both grow up to be SuperMEN as well.