2 months old

IMG 9525

Cash is 2 months old!  In some ways it seems as though the time has just flown by, but in other ways it seems like he’s been in our family forever!

Just a little bit before Cash turned 2 months old he started becoming really smiley which has been so fun.  He continues to be a prety big boy!  I put him in the same outfit for his 2 month pictures as he had on in his 1 month pictures and you can tell it is slightly tight in the “belly” area!

Cash had some very rough, fussy moments from around 3 weeks-around 8 weeks.  One moment he was very happy, and the next moment he was very fussy.  I’m blaming it on reflux.  However, at 8 weeks he really turned a corner and has become a mostly happy, content baby.  Right around 2 months he also started to sleep much better!  He takes a good nap in the morning and afternoon and has started consistently sleeping a good 6-8 hour stretch at night.  This Momma is very happy about that!

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IMG 3143  1



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IMG 9524

We love you little Cash!

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