Emma’s Valentine Party at School

Emma’s Kindergarten Valentine Party was on Wednesday, February 13th in the morning.  Looking back, I think I may have been slightly insane trying to go to the party with a 3 year old and an infant!  I survived though!

Emma was SO excited to have us at the party.  There were several stations set up around with Valentine’s crafts and game.  Foster, Cash and I travled with her from station to station to watch her.

Here are some pictures of Foster standing by Emma’s “Curry” snowman on the wall outside her classroom before the party started.

IMG 9526


IMG 9527


IMG 9528

Here is Emma walking from her Chinese classroom to her English classroom.  She was so excited to see us!

IMG 9529


Emma sitting in her classroom listening to the party instructions

IMG 9530


IMG 9531


Cash was a good baby during the party, he just hung out in his carseat in a corner. :)

IMG 9532




Doing push-ups with some classmates

IMG 9537


Doing some sit-ups with some classmates!

IMG 9539


Sweet siblings.  Foster puts his hands in his mouth when he is nervous- we are working on this!

IMG 9546

IMG 9547


Having fun during a jump the hearts game.

IMG 9550


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