Snow time after school!

Foster was SO excited for Emma to get home from school so that they could play in the snow together.  I had Emma’s “snow clothes” all laid out so she could come inside and change her clothes after getting off of the bus… However, she ran home from the bus, threw her backpack in the door, and immediately went to playing in the snow in her school clothes.  There was NO time to waste changing clothes!  Her hat is on backwards by the way!


IMG 3297

IMG 3300

IMG 3321

IMG 3323  1


The kids had so much fun playing with our neighbors on this mini-hill between on our houses!

IMG 3325

IMG 3327

IMG 3328  1

IMG 3329  1

IMG 3334

IMG 3337  1

IMG 3339

IMG 3341

IMG 3354

IMG 3357  1

I’m so glad that kids got experience at least one real snow this year!

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