Snow time in the morning…

On February 20th we finally got some real snow!  Unfortuantely, Emma still had school but she got to play in it when she got home from school!

The snow really started coming down mid-morning and the boys and me watched it out Cash’s window.  It was SO beautiful!

Here is Cash watching the snow…

IMG 3192

IMG 3198  1

IMG 3199  1

IMG 3202  1

IMG 3214  1


IMG 3220  1


Foster got all bundled and played in the snow for a little bit, he absolutely loved it!

IMG 3227  1

IMG 3228

IMG 3231  1

IMG 3237  1

IMG 3243


Cars rainboots… not exactly snow boots, but they worked!

IMG 3246  1

IMG 3251  1


Checking in on baby Cash, watching from the warmth of his room!

IMG 3253

IMG 3255

IMG 3266

IMG 3270


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