A Visit with Maw Maw

Before we left Lubbock on Sunday afternoon we went to visit Maw Maw at her skilled nursing unit where she is currently staying.

IMG 9813


We were afraid that she’d be really tired from her big Birthday bash the day before but she was awake and ready for visitors.  We were so proud of Emma- she walked right in and gave Maw Maw a big hug!  Maw Maw was so happy to see us!

IMG 9817


Emma and Foster got to join Maw Maw in snack time! They all got popcorn.

IMG 9819


Cash and Maw Maw had some great bonding moment together.  I loved watching them together.  I also love that her “word search” puzzles are on the bed in this picture- she loves all things “games” and is often doing puzzles and word searches!

IMG 9827

IMG 9828

IMG 9833

IMG 9835


Cash was such a charmer while Maw Maw held him!  He was so smiley!

IMG 9841

IMG 9849

IMG 9851

IMG 9853

IMG 9854

IMG 9855

IMG 9858

IMG 9865

IMG 9871

IMG 9872

IMG 9877

IMG 9879

IMG 9880


Saying goodbye to Pops…

IMG 9893


Saying goodbye to Gigi…

IMG 9899


Hugs for the big kids…

IMG 9912

IMG 9919

IMG 9922


Playing peek-a-boo!

IMG 9929


Sweet tender moment between Maw Maw and Robin, her oldest Grand child.

IMG 9932

IMG 9937

IMG 9939


We pray for Maw Maw often- we hope that she gets stronger every day and we pray that she knows that she is very loved by her family!

IMG 9941

Maw Maw’s 80th Birthday

The first weekend in April we made the LOOOONG trek over the river and through the woods to Lubbock, TX to help celebrate Maw Maw’s 80th Birthday.  Maw Maw is Robin’s Dad’s Mother.   She has been pretty sick the last few months in and out of the hospital so we knew we needed to go spend some time with her!  Robin’s other set of Grandparents used to live in Lubbock and just recently re-located to Temple, TX to a retirement community there.  We were very sad not to get to see them in Lubbock too!  It was a strange feeling to be in Lubbock without them there.  We plan to try to come see them in Temple sometime this year!

The Birthday party was at Maw Maw’s retirement community.  Several of her friends and family from out of town came to celebrate!  Robin got to see several of his cousins and their kids as well.  It was a great little family reunion.

We brought Maw Maw two little balloons and some flowers.

IMG 9575  1


IMG 9586

IMG 9589


We had a yummy catered BBQ lunch.  Emma and Foster helped Aunt DeeAnn pass out the drinks.

IMG 9593

IMG 9597


There’s the Birthday girl.

IMG 9598


Foster, Emma, and Maw Maw- they had just given her the flowers.

IMG 9605


Robin’s Uncle Eddy holding Cash for the first time

IMG 9608


Maw Maw’s beautiful (and very yummy) Birthday cake made by Aunt Amanda.  She is so talented!

IMG 9613


The 3 daughters-in-law: Alicia, DeeAnn, and Amanda

IMG 9619


Emma watched Maw Maw open her gifts

IMG 9647

IMG 9650


Cash checking out an older woman!  (by just a few months)  This is Lakin- she was absolutely precious.

IMG 9662


Zane, Foster, and Emma playing hide-and-seek behind Robin’s back

IMG 9668


Cash, Maw Maw, and Robin

IMG 9736


Emma, Maw Maw, Cash, Foster, Robin, and Zane

IMG 9744


Poor Taryn was so tired she just crashed on her Mommy!

IMG 9749


Robin and his boys!

IMG 9778

IMG 9784


Gigi and Emma

IMG 9788


We hope that Maw Maw had a wonderful day celebrating 80 years of life!  …. and many more!



Cash’s 1st Easter

Cash had a pretty good “first Easter.”  He wore the same out fit that Foster wore for his first Easter- might as well get at least two uses out of a cute outfit, huh?!

IMG 4156


It is a very good thing that Cash has his Aunt Judy and Nana to spoil him… all Mommy and Daddy got him was a 60 cent book from Walmart.  Aunt Judy got Cash an adorable blue “lovie” puppy.  She has given each of our kids their cuddly lovies.

IMG 4168

IMG 4172


Nana got Cash this fun book!  He loves listening to the animal sounds!

IMG 4183


He is such a happy boy and we just love him to pieces!

IMG 4197

Easter Portraits

We had some Easter portraits taken during the first part of March by a local Photographer named Lindsay McDaniel.  I was so pleased with the way they turned out!

IMG 6532

IMG 6490 copy


Silly Emma.. laughing at Daddy dancing567u

IMG 6494

IMG 6509 copy


Possibly my favorite picture of all times…

IMG 6553

Cash- 3 months old!IMG 6513


IMG 6522 copy

Deacon Chairman

I can not begin to explain how proud I am of Robin.  Near the beginning of 2012 Robin was asked by the Chairman of Deacons if he would be willing to be the Chairman of Deacons “Elect”, making him the Chairman for the 2013 year.  At that time we didn’t know that I was pregnant with our 3rd child.   After praying for several days Robin said YES!  Little did we know that this would be perhaps the most stressful year of our lives!!!  On top of having a baby in December, Robin switched jobs in March which was a huge adjustment!  He officially took over the job of Chairman of Deacons in February so the past few months have been quite a time of transition for him.    If we had known a year ago all that his year would entail, we might have been more tempted to say NO to this calling… But do you know who had all of this carefully orchestrated?  God did.  God knew that Robin would step up to the plate and fufill the position with dignity and an intense passion.. and in my opinion God knew that Robin needed the position for his own growth as well.  Robin is timid, he is like Emma.  He is an introvert, completely content to sit back and be led and watch things happen.  However, when he’s really willing to take a risk, step out of his comfort zone and LEAD, his spiritual life grows by leaps and bounds, and he is GOOD at it.  He has not taken the job lightly.  Robin set goals for the Deacon body, he is trying new things.  He is encouraging the deacons on a weekly basis, he is encouraging the staff.  Our church is fairly large church (not a megachurch but still large) and there are many things that come up that you just don’t normally think of.  I see Robin looking for ways to serve.  You can often find him in the kitchen helping our church cook, Chris, wash dishes.  I see him greeting visitors and helping them find their place at our church- something that is definitely out of his comfort zone.

Studio Session  Deacon 052 Edit

Robin’s brother, Craig, and his Father, Dan, are both Baptist Pastors who come from a long line of Baptist Pastors.  Robin never felt that calling… I think if someone asked Robin to preach from a pulpit he might pass out.  Evangelism is not Robin’s spiritual gift.  However, service IS one of his gifts.  This past Sunday our church had a Deacon Ordination service for 6 new Deacons and our wonderful Pastor Ted Kersh preached from 1Timonthy, Chapter 3 which speaks about God’s requirements for Deacons.  Things like “Not double-tongued, dignified, sound in Faith” were listed… yep, that’s Robin.  It brought tears to my eyes just to think about what a Godly man I married.  How did I ever get so lucky?  I feel that the role of “Deacon” is a true calling for Robin and I’m so thankful that the right doors opened up for him to be able to serve in that capacity at our church.

I couldn’t be more proud of him!

This picture was taken on Palm Sunday at church.  One of Robin’s “jobs” is to help the Pastor serve the Lord’s Supper. You can just barely see Robin’s head in the center of the picture- he’s standing next to Pastor Kersh- ready to hand out the trays of bread and wine (grape juice!) to the other Deacons.  I must say I was pretty nervous for him… he almost fumbled some of the serving dishes! :)   He will do better next time after this first practice round. :)

IMG 9572

These pictures of Foster were taken following the Lord’s Supper service.  It was a very cold day and I forgot to bring a coat for Foster.  Poor poor middle child. :(  Nana was not happy with me!  Daddy to the rescue- he let Foster wear his coat… Just a little big on him.

IMG 9575


IMG 9577

IMG 9578


I pray that my two sons grow up to be just like their Daddy.  He has a big coat to fill.  :)

IMG 9579

Easter 2013

We had a wonderful 2013 Easter!  The weather was absolutely beautiful so we were able to enjoy a fun Easter egg hunt outside.  We woke up and quickly let the kids see their Easter baskets.  We were in a big hurry though becasue we had to get to church and we didn’t wake up quite early enough to leisurely open Easter goodies and eat breakfast!

IMG 3823

IMG 3833


This picture really cracks me up.  This is Cash’s “Easter basket.”  It is a spare white Easter bucket I had in the garage.  I didn’t think far enough in advance to really have a cute one for him.  I also didn’t get him very many treats.  Just one little 50 cent book I found at Walmart!  He’s 4 months old, how much can he really appreciate at this point!?  Poor guy.  Pretty sure I did more for Emma and Foster’s 1st Easter!

IMG 3836


We had an awesome Easter lunch at Nana’s house and then decided to have the Easter egg hunt at her house as well.  She has a beauiful courtyard area in front of her house that was perfect for egg hunting.

IMG 3861  1

IMG 3866  1

IMG 3882  1

IMG 3888  1

IMG 3901  1

IMG 3904  1

IMG 3905  1

IMG 3916  1

IMG 3921  1

IMG 3932  1

IMG 3946  1


Something that I LOVE about my kids… they love each other.  While Emma is our true “competitor” and will do just about anything to WIN (takes after her Mama)… she is pretty sweet to her little brother.  She kept pointing out eggs for him to pick up and even put some that she had found in HIS basket.  She gets joy out of seeing him win too. :)

IMG 3970  1

IMG 3971  1

IMG 3993  1

IMG 3994  1

IMG 4013

IMG 4016


Mini Re-model

When we moved into our house we tried to update the major living areas.  At that time several little projects were put on the back burner until later.  Slowly, we are trying to tackle some of those little projects one at a time.  One project is our sunroom.  This bonus room is connected to our main living room and has previously been a playroom, an office, a misc. room.   We would like to turn it into a craft room for the kids since Robin is no longer working from home.  The first thing we wanted to re-do was the brown cabinets.  Robin sanded them and we painted them black.  We also painted a large wood door with white board paint to make a desk for the kids.  I will try to post after pictures when/IF we ever finish the project.  For now… here are some pictures of our “helpers” hard at work!

IMG 3765

IMG 3769

IMG 3775

IMG 3777

IMG 3780


Cash is a great supervisor!

IMG 3790

IMG 3792

IMG 3793

IMG 3794

IMG 3795

IMG 3797

IMG 3808

IMG 3809

IMG 3815


During Sping Break my best friend from high school, Julie, came to Tulsa to visit her family.  She lives in NYC now so we only get to see each other about once or twice a year.  Last time I saw her, her little girl Mia was about 6 months old and now she is 15 months old!  She is so adorable!  This was Julie’s first time to meet Cash so we had a great time hanging out with each other.

IMG 9570  1


The kids were acting SO silly together.  Here they are all playing on Cash’s activity mat. :)

IMG 9564


Emma and Mia.  Mia is a “spitting image” of Julie when she was a baby.  Adorable!

IMG 9568  1

IMG 9569