A Visit with Maw Maw

Before we left Lubbock on Sunday afternoon we went to visit Maw Maw at her skilled nursing unit where she is currently staying.

IMG 9813


We were afraid that she’d be really tired from her big Birthday bash the day before but she was awake and ready for visitors.  We were so proud of Emma- she walked right in and gave Maw Maw a big hug!  Maw Maw was so happy to see us!

IMG 9817


Emma and Foster got to join Maw Maw in snack time! They all got popcorn.

IMG 9819


Cash and Maw Maw had some great bonding moment together.  I loved watching them together.  I also love that her “word search” puzzles are on the bed in this picture- she loves all things “games” and is often doing puzzles and word searches!

IMG 9827

IMG 9828

IMG 9833

IMG 9835


Cash was such a charmer while Maw Maw held him!  He was so smiley!

IMG 9841

IMG 9849

IMG 9851

IMG 9853

IMG 9854

IMG 9855

IMG 9858

IMG 9865

IMG 9871

IMG 9872

IMG 9877

IMG 9879

IMG 9880


Saying goodbye to Pops…

IMG 9893


Saying goodbye to Gigi…

IMG 9899


Hugs for the big kids…

IMG 9912

IMG 9919

IMG 9922


Playing peek-a-boo!

IMG 9929


Sweet tender moment between Maw Maw and Robin, her oldest Grand child.

IMG 9932

IMG 9937

IMG 9939


We pray for Maw Maw often- we hope that she gets stronger every day and we pray that she knows that she is very loved by her family!

IMG 9941

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