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I can not begin to explain how proud I am of Robin.  Near the beginning of 2012 Robin was asked by the Chairman of Deacons if he would be willing to be the Chairman of Deacons “Elect”, making him the Chairman for the 2013 year.  At that time we didn’t know that I was pregnant with our 3rd child.   After praying for several days Robin said YES!  Little did we know that this would be perhaps the most stressful year of our lives!!!  On top of having a baby in December, Robin switched jobs in March which was a huge adjustment!  He officially took over the job of Chairman of Deacons in February so the past few months have been quite a time of transition for him.    If we had known a year ago all that his year would entail, we might have been more tempted to say NO to this calling… But do you know who had all of this carefully orchestrated?  God did.  God knew that Robin would step up to the plate and fufill the position with dignity and an intense passion.. and in my opinion God knew that Robin needed the position for his own growth as well.  Robin is timid, he is like Emma.  He is an introvert, completely content to sit back and be led and watch things happen.  However, when he’s really willing to take a risk, step out of his comfort zone and LEAD, his spiritual life grows by leaps and bounds, and he is GOOD at it.  He has not taken the job lightly.  Robin set goals for the Deacon body, he is trying new things.  He is encouraging the deacons on a weekly basis, he is encouraging the staff.  Our church is fairly large church (not a megachurch but still large) and there are many things that come up that you just don’t normally think of.  I see Robin looking for ways to serve.  You can often find him in the kitchen helping our church cook, Chris, wash dishes.  I see him greeting visitors and helping them find their place at our church- something that is definitely out of his comfort zone.

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Robin’s brother, Craig, and his Father, Dan, are both Baptist Pastors who come from a long line of Baptist Pastors.  Robin never felt that calling… I think if someone asked Robin to preach from a pulpit he might pass out.  Evangelism is not Robin’s spiritual gift.  However, service IS one of his gifts.  This past Sunday our church had a Deacon Ordination service for 6 new Deacons and our wonderful Pastor Ted Kersh preached from 1Timonthy, Chapter 3 which speaks about God’s requirements for Deacons.  Things like “Not double-tongued, dignified, sound in Faith” were listed… yep, that’s Robin.  It brought tears to my eyes just to think about what a Godly man I married.  How did I ever get so lucky?  I feel that the role of “Deacon” is a true calling for Robin and I’m so thankful that the right doors opened up for him to be able to serve in that capacity at our church.

I couldn’t be more proud of him!

This picture was taken on Palm Sunday at church.  One of Robin’s “jobs” is to help the Pastor serve the Lord’s Supper. You can just barely see Robin’s head in the center of the picture- he’s standing next to Pastor Kersh- ready to hand out the trays of bread and wine (grape juice!) to the other Deacons.  I must say I was pretty nervous for him… he almost fumbled some of the serving dishes! :)   He will do better next time after this first practice round. :)

IMG 9572

These pictures of Foster were taken following the Lord’s Supper service.  It was a very cold day and I forgot to bring a coat for Foster.  Poor poor middle child. :(  Nana was not happy with me!  Daddy to the rescue- he let Foster wear his coat… Just a little big on him.

IMG 9575


IMG 9577

IMG 9578


I pray that my two sons grow up to be just like their Daddy.  He has a big coat to fill.  :)

IMG 9579

4 thoughts on “Deacon Chairman

  1. Thank you Jill. That picture of Foster in my coat is a perfect representation of how I feel when I stand up in front of the deacons/church as chairman – like a kid wearing his dad’s coat. I just pray that I can take to heart the words of Paul to a young Timothy – “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.”

  2. Robin, we could not be more proud of you! I remember saying to myself, when you were just a little boy, that I hoped I could live long enough to see what you would become. You were really a smart child. Well, the Lord has allowed us to live long enough to see that you have become a wonderful young man who is trying to live for the Lord, and lead his family in that path. You perhaps, have more influence in your roll as a Christian leader and family man, than most ministers do. Keep up the good work, and as I said, we just can’t be more proud of you! So glad we can call you GRANDson.
    We love you, Gmom and Gdad

  3. Such a sweet and precious young boy (Foster) wearing his dad’s jacket. I have no doubt that he will some day fill that jacket, and we will be really proud of him, too, but we are mighty proud of him today. We love Emma and Cash, too. Jill, we know that you are “stepping up to the plate”, too, and will do whatever it takes to support Robin in this responsibility. We love you, too. Gmom and Gdad

  4. Robin, I am so proud of you too! I think we have both learned that being a layperson can be a calling too! You definitely have the heart of a servant leader. We love you!

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