Easter 2013

We had a wonderful 2013 Easter!  The weather was absolutely beautiful so we were able to enjoy a fun Easter egg hunt outside.  We woke up and quickly let the kids see their Easter baskets.  We were in a big hurry though becasue we had to get to church and we didn’t wake up quite early enough to leisurely open Easter goodies and eat breakfast!

IMG 3823

IMG 3833


This picture really cracks me up.  This is Cash’s “Easter basket.”  It is a spare white Easter bucket I had in the garage.  I didn’t think far enough in advance to really have a cute one for him.  I also didn’t get him very many treats.  Just one little 50 cent book I found at Walmart!  He’s 4 months old, how much can he really appreciate at this point!?  Poor guy.  Pretty sure I did more for Emma and Foster’s 1st Easter!

IMG 3836


We had an awesome Easter lunch at Nana’s house and then decided to have the Easter egg hunt at her house as well.  She has a beauiful courtyard area in front of her house that was perfect for egg hunting.

IMG 3861  1

IMG 3866  1

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Something that I LOVE about my kids… they love each other.  While Emma is our true “competitor” and will do just about anything to WIN (takes after her Mama)… she is pretty sweet to her little brother.  She kept pointing out eggs for him to pick up and even put some that she had found in HIS basket.  She gets joy out of seeing him win too. :)

IMG 3970  1

IMG 3971  1

IMG 3993  1

IMG 3994  1

IMG 4013

IMG 4016


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