Maw Maw’s 80th Birthday

The first weekend in April we made the LOOOONG trek over the river and through the woods to Lubbock, TX to help celebrate Maw Maw’s 80th Birthday.  Maw Maw is Robin’s Dad’s Mother.   She has been pretty sick the last few months in and out of the hospital so we knew we needed to go spend some time with her!  Robin’s other set of Grandparents used to live in Lubbock and just recently re-located to Temple, TX to a retirement community there.  We were very sad not to get to see them in Lubbock too!  It was a strange feeling to be in Lubbock without them there.  We plan to try to come see them in Temple sometime this year!

The Birthday party was at Maw Maw’s retirement community.  Several of her friends and family from out of town came to celebrate!  Robin got to see several of his cousins and their kids as well.  It was a great little family reunion.

We brought Maw Maw two little balloons and some flowers.

IMG 9575  1


IMG 9586

IMG 9589


We had a yummy catered BBQ lunch.  Emma and Foster helped Aunt DeeAnn pass out the drinks.

IMG 9593

IMG 9597


There’s the Birthday girl.

IMG 9598


Foster, Emma, and Maw Maw- they had just given her the flowers.

IMG 9605


Robin’s Uncle Eddy holding Cash for the first time

IMG 9608


Maw Maw’s beautiful (and very yummy) Birthday cake made by Aunt Amanda.  She is so talented!

IMG 9613


The 3 daughters-in-law: Alicia, DeeAnn, and Amanda

IMG 9619


Emma watched Maw Maw open her gifts

IMG 9647

IMG 9650


Cash checking out an older woman!  (by just a few months)  This is Lakin- she was absolutely precious.

IMG 9662


Zane, Foster, and Emma playing hide-and-seek behind Robin’s back

IMG 9668


Cash, Maw Maw, and Robin

IMG 9736


Emma, Maw Maw, Cash, Foster, Robin, and Zane

IMG 9744


Poor Taryn was so tired she just crashed on her Mommy!

IMG 9749


Robin and his boys!

IMG 9778

IMG 9784


Gigi and Emma

IMG 9788


We hope that Maw Maw had a wonderful day celebrating 80 years of life!  …. and many more!



One thought on “Maw Maw’s 80th Birthday

  1. Looks like a great party for Alice. I am a little jealous, however, because she has been able to hold Cash after he is old enough to give some smiles! Maybe we will get to see the kids again before long. Just kidding, Alice. We are glad you all got to visit. I know you enjoyed it. Glad you are feeling better!
    Love, Ruth and Jay

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