Mini Re-model

When we moved into our house we tried to update the major living areas.  At that time several little projects were put on the back burner until later.  Slowly, we are trying to tackle some of those little projects one at a time.  One project is our sunroom.  This bonus room is connected to our main living room and has previously been a playroom, an office, a misc. room.   We would like to turn it into a craft room for the kids since Robin is no longer working from home.  The first thing we wanted to re-do was the brown cabinets.  Robin sanded them and we painted them black.  We also painted a large wood door with white board paint to make a desk for the kids.  I will try to post after pictures when/IF we ever finish the project.  For now… here are some pictures of our “helpers” hard at work!

IMG 3765

IMG 3769

IMG 3775

IMG 3777

IMG 3780


Cash is a great supervisor!

IMG 3790

IMG 3792

IMG 3793

IMG 3794

IMG 3795

IMG 3797

IMG 3808

IMG 3809

IMG 3815


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